Amboli still shut


After the landslide on 30th July, 2010 work is in full swing to clear the road at Amboli.

The police have clarified that no tourist are under the debris and the work of clearing the road is on. This might take another 2-3 days the officials said.

Landslide on the road

The cause of worry for the PWD there is that even now mud is scaling down near the same spot and it is feared that he road has been badly damaged.

Beautiful waterfalls and the landslide

Very few tourists were seen as the road is blocked. This is the main season in Amboli and due to this landslide business has been hit.

Jeetesh Shah who had been there yesterday clicked these photos. Thanks Jeetesh.


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  1. Hello Friends,

    We had a very good trip to Amboli. I had some info & recent snaps of landslides at Amboli. How to upload the photos here? Can anyone tell me.

    By the way, if anyone wants to go to Amboli, this is just the right time. There is absolute no problem via route Kolhapur-Nippani-Ajara-Amboli. The road from Sawantwadi is only afected.
    It was actually opened on 13th evening but again there was a landsliding & it was closed agian.

    But if one goes from Kolhapur side, all sighseen is still possible. Only take little care at Amboli waterfalls as landslides is just 1 km away from that spot.


  2. Hello Friends,
    We had a very good trip to amboli 13-15th August 10.
    We read so many things about landslides at amboli etc. & were not at all sure if we can reach there.
    The fact is, the route Kolhapur-Nippani-Ajara-Amboli is perfectly ok. If anyone wants to visit amboli & see all points etc, he can very well do that. The GHAT section actually starts just after amboli (from sun set point). Amboli waterfall is 3 kms & the landslide took place on further 1 km.
    Thus, we also enjoyed at Amboli Waterfall with due precaution. Actually we walked down 3 kms instead of taking car.
    The landslides are very terrible & road to sawantwadi was closed. It was actually opened on 13th evening but again there was a landslide on 14th. Men at work were trying to remove all debries etc. As the locals said, it will take 1 week or so before the things are normal.

    So for those who just want to visit amboli, its not a problem. Even for people coming from sawantwadi-goa, there is an alternate route via phonda etc (80-100 kms extra run) but not sure of the road condition etc.


  3. Well Nature has its own way of dealing with environment. All these years no one gave a dam about the forests. The land slides happens when the trees are cut down and no new trees are seeded, the soil under gives way when it becomes heavy with water. This is just the begining, thank God no one was injured or lives were lost.


    • There is a route from Tillari or from Halkarni but it is very long as u have to go to Goa and come back.
      Also Via Azra could be one possibility


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