Belgaum to Pune by Airavat gold class

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The NWKRTC has launched a direct Airavat gold class Volvo bus to Pune.

The bus departs at 22:30 (CBT) and reaches Pune (Swargate) at 5.30 am.

On the return journey from Pune to Belgaum

Bus departs Pune at 23:30 and reaches Belgaum at 5.30 am.

The is Fare Rs.440.

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You also have some other options of travel by Volvo of NWKRTC

Hubli to Pune – Departs Belgaum at 22.00

Hubli to Ahemdnagar – departs Belgaum at 22.16

Hubli to Pune – departs Belgaum at 23.15

on the Return journey:

Departs from Pune at 22.00 arrives in Belgaum at 03.00

Departs from Pune at 22.16 arrives in Belgaum at 03.00

Departs from Pune at 23.15 arrives in Belgaum at 05.00

with inputs from Biswajit Baruah

13 thoughts on “Belgaum to Pune by Airavat gold class”

  1. KSRTC, NEKRTC, NWKRTC should have a bond scheme just like NHAI, REC for the purpose of building a fleet of ultra modern buses within Karnataka to begin with, Phase out most old buses. We the people can buy instead of buying four wheelers.

    Have Shivneri like service connecting Swargate – Borivili, Swargate – Dadar and Swargate – Thane with frequency of every half an hour from Thane. May be this service exists for Bengaluru – Mysuru, Bengaluru – Chennai, Bengaluru – Hyderabad and Bengaluru – Mangaluru. It should start between Hubli – Belgaum, Hubli – Kolhapur, Belgaum – Kolhapur, Belgaum – Panaji, Hubli – Panaji, etc Day time Volvo buses to Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Manguluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc

    There should be an android app first and then iOS app for buying tickets online. Thru credit card, ITZ cash card, online banking. I think our state transport dept should do some ERP, CRM efforts to maximise the use of public transport and efiicient utilisation of its fleet.

  2. Please depute some professional drivers and staff for managing travellers.
    I hope this is good decsion and helps lot to public.

  3. this is good news
    but i request KSRTC, NEKRTC, NWKRTC to open their helpdesk in MSRTC bus stop in pune so that we donot face confusion during peak season i.e deepavali, ganpati etc. because during this time their buses are not allowed inside the busstop due to more number of buses of both MSRTC and KSRTC

  4. There s also a day time Airavat gold class multi axle directly from Belgaum to Poona departing at 12:30pm noon which reaches Swargate by 7:30 in the evening.. on return it departs Poona at 1:30 in the noon which reaches belgaum by 7:30 in the evening… And for day time service to bangalore there are two Airavat gold class departing at 12:15pm and 1:30pm, one being Chennai bound and the other Tirupathi respectively.. check out ksrtc website for more details

    • Can u please give the details of the pune -belgaum bus…where to board it from .how to book the tickets…plz help

  5. There is lots of people moving between Belgaum and Pune and vise-versa. Good move by NWKRTC by putting up this kind of a bus to help passengers or public. I wish them all the best and do well.


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