Gokak Falls at its magnificence


love dale belagavi

sonali sarnobat belagavi

These are photos taken today and the Gokak Falls is at its magnificence fall.


GodchinMalki Falls
GodchinMalki Falls

Photos: Biddu

Trinity Belagavi


  1. I to have been to Hukkeri in Belgaum district but i didn’t have good time to visit but i assure I’ll shortly visit the Gokak during this rainy season and Thanks to goaka falls pics please take moor snaps and any other interesting place in around gokak and hukkeri city.

  2. i have been to belagum…but i didnt get the chance to see this sight…
    i am looking forward to going back there someday…
    hopefully i see this place….
    it's just…WOW! (",)

  3. Awesome……I wish I could be in Belgaum right now with all the rain and yummy food.

    Thanks Uday for sharing these pictures.


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