Home stay options in colonial bungalows in Belgaum soon

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The Deccan Chronicle in a very interesting story mentions about the use of the colonial bungalows in Cantonment area as homestay for tourists especially the British.

There are many houses built in the 1800s or later which housed the British officers. The tourism department is in the process of getting the names of all those who lived there and trying to locate such houses.

Many of the bungalows in cantonment area are huge in size, but due to the Cantonment act not many are in good condition and also that due to strict rules no major renovation work has been undertaken.

It may be recalled the Cantonment last year had decided to resume (take charge) of a few bungalows which was later dropped.

So when the tourism department says this, we hope they are able to get all the clearances as well.

The home stay concept is very new to Belgaum and with such a new thing this would definitely add more attractions to Belgaum.

Earlier history about MLIRC: Raised by Lt.E.M.Wood on March 6, 1800 as the Second Battalion on the first anniversary of Seedaseer Day, the then 7th Regiment of the Bombay Native Infantry was accorded the title of 14th Regiment Bombay Native Infantry on May 2, 1824. It was E.M.Wood who brought it to Belgaum in 1832 and fought the Battle of Mahadevgarh near Amboli in Sawantwadi, which was then considered to be the impregnable citadel of local chieftains. In 1903, the regiment was renamed as the 114 Maharatta. The British Indian Army was reorganised, the 5th Mahratta Light Infantry was moved to Belgaum after which it ceased to be a combat unit.  It was given the new task of a training battalion. Again, the unit was redesignated as The Mahratta Light Infantry Regimental Centre in 1942

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