MP writes to railway ministers with proposals for Belgaum


MP Suresh Angadi has written letters to to the Union railway minister Mamata Banerjee and Union minister of state for railways K H Muniyappa urging them to include some proposals under the annual railway budget 2010-11.

Proposals made:
1. new railway track along Belgaum-Bailhongal (Kittur)-Dharwad- survey work has already been completed.
2. up gradation of an existing Gokak Road station
3. survey work for the creation of new track linking Belgaum-Savantwadi
4. introduction of new evening daily Garib Rath Express on Hubli-Dadar (Mumbai) route
5. diversion of present Bangalore-Hajrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express via Belgaum
6. construction of under bridge at Paschapur station along Belgaum-Miraj route
7. shifting of an existing goods shed in Belgaum to Sambra to facilitate expansion of Belgaum Railway Station.


Demands for Belgaum-Bailhongal (Kittur)-Dharwad is not new and the survey work is already over but nothing concrete has been said by the rail authorities on this.
There has been a long standing demand of the people of Hubli and Belgaum to start a train from Hubli to Mumbai.
What happens this year to this demands need to be seen. AAB will follow up the Railway budget and get you information right away when the same is presented in the last week of February, most probable date would be 23.



  1. ha ha ha….. Ajmad,,,,

    U look the world differently,,,,, Good comment… Sena's are planning to arrange one more Melava to break the peace again 🙂

  2. The Only suggestion from my side to our elected representatives is “They have to start using Electronic Media like Email” Or they have to use their Mobile to call and put Belgaums Stand and explain them why we deserve and what/why we lost.

    Sending letters just 15 days before “presentation of the Railway Budget” will not work. They will not see at all. Why we need one year time to explain our needs to central govt….Is this the way elected representatives should work………

  3. where the so-called sena’s ……what r they doing….only looking for opporunites on how to call for a bandh. THIS IS THE TIME THEY SHOULD ACT….AND GET OUR LONG PENDING DEMANDS FULFILLED….COME ON SENA’S DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE SOCIETY….

  4. A true fact that Mr MP has not only woken up quite late , but have never looked on proper emphasis on actual required development , even now villagers far away are fighting for non feasible rail line like Bagalkot Kudchi where as earlier proposed rail link between Belgaum Bagalkot Raichur is no where on cards, so blind these MP are have lot dearth of vision and future of Belgaum
    I pity that these people would do something even in future , even Dharwad Belgaum rail line is OK via Kittru now talking of via Bailhongal ( latest addition by Bommi so called district in charge minister of Belgaum ) making it more delay to be executed ,Belgaumites will have no where to go , keep waiting for development
    MR Angadi Keep wiring next year for rail budget after it passes not too early like two week before

  5. This one is a good try by Mr.Suresh Angadi..
    Since these proposals are placed before the railway ministry for a longer time and is the long standing demand of people.. i think it should be given some importance, look at the needs of people and go for it.
    Hope it works.. for the betterment of mankind..

  6. What is the cost benefit. Why would railway invest in this line. Are there high prospects for passenger growth in this line? what are other benefits i.e reduction in congestion on other routes, greater capacity on route, reduction in journey times and hence fuel savings etc. All these need to be taken into account. No use just saying We need "x" trains diverted, we need a new "X" line.
    Similar happend with Sambra airport, airline operations were stopped as passenger demand was low. The amount of fuel spent to land and takeoff is not beneficial if there are 2- 3 passengers. The cost's don't add up.

    • Mr guest
      There are many no benficial lines taken by Govt of karntaka do you question them (Hubli Ankola most no feasiable, Harihar Kotturu, Mysore najangud)
      Belgaum Dharwad line would benfit Belgaum connecting Bangalore with lesser distant, there are 80 luxary coaches ply from Belgaum to Banglore everyday, the cost is too high though and over 250 buses between Belgaum Hubli every day, and why not Belgaum be connected to Bangalore is it becuse Huli will loose its imporatnce ,and being the last part of Karnataka and bordering district dont We deserve the direct rail connectivity to state captial, Belgaum stands second for industrial and egineering goods export in Karnataka, if we contribute to state Treassure we deserve demands of better Rail infrastrucutre

  7. This is a joke by the MP.
    Do you think they (Railway Authorities) will even look into the demands of this MP 15 days before the presentation of the Railway Budget. It would have been finalized easily at least one month back and they would be making only minor changes to it. If the MP was so serious, then he should have sent the demands, met the Railway minister/s (muniyappa or banerjee) and presented the demands to them atleast 2 months before the budget so that it can be considered.
    Writing a letter now is only an eyewash infront of the people.
    Our only hope is from the Minister of State for Railways Muniyappa who is from karnataka and he said that this time Karnataka will get justice in the Railway Budget. Let's hope for that.

    • May be our Honourable MP is now free after all the felicitations and sanmaan programmes for almost one year on being elected as MP 🙂

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