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New tri weekly special train from Miraj to Yeshvantpur

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A new Tri weekly train has been announced which will connect to Bangalore which might start operations from October 2, 2012. 

The Miraj – Yeshvantpur train will run Ex Yesvantpur on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday and Ex Miraj on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

The train will also have the following stoppages: Tumkur, Arisekere, Birur, Davangere, hubli, Dharwar, Londa, Belgaum, Ghataprabha.


Yeshvantpur to Miraj : Arrival at Belgaum 0715 Departure: 0720 (YPR departure: 2025)

Days of service: Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday

Miraj to Yeshvantpur: Arrival at Belgaum 1857 Departure: 1900 (YPR Arrival: 0620)

Days of service: Monday, Wednesday & Friday


7 thoughts on “New tri weekly special train from Miraj to Yeshvantpur”

  1. Good news !!!! It will be convinient if it is exteneded upto Bangalore City Jn.
    I suggest to Introduce a DURANTO between Bangalore and Pune via HUBLI AND MIRAJ

  2. AC Double decker trains Shedbal to Bangalore and from Castlerock to Pune or Kalyan or Thane or Dadar, from small stations provide avenues for most of the commuters of our districts

  3. atlast they thought to run new train to bangalore ,is it trail basis or they are running this train for permanantly? because i cant believe they realy mean to people from this place/regon, they could run train daily basis

  4. Though it is a welcome step, but it would have made sense if it were till Bangalore City station. Yeswantpur will cause a lot inconvenience for those residing in city areas. Reaching Yeswantpur in itself is a big task and it gets worse here as the departure time from Yeswantpur is 8 25 pm as it will coincide with peak hour traffic.

  5. It is realy good news for Belgaum people. But small demerit is there,
    1) It wants to saturday night from ypr & sunday from Miraj because it helps to who working in bangalore. (belgaum district people)
    2) They mention only stop Belgaum & Ghataprabha but it wants to stop Raibag ,Kudachi also.


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