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No more, take offs from Belgaum Sambra airport

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Yes this has happened again to Belgaum, the only Kingfisher flight from Belgaum to Bangalore will stop flying from 17th June 2009. I am saying this as the website is not accepting any bookings after that date. In addition, the booking agents have been told that there would be no flights after 16 June.

kingfisher  Mumbai – Belgaum route was canceled due to lack of traffic and this time Belgaum Bangalore route is being cancelled due to the same reasons of less traffic it is said. Earlier the Bangalore flight was on all days then it was rescheduled to 4 days in a week and now no more flights.

The worst part of the story then why is that land acquisition was done from farmers for expansion of the airport when there will be no take offs from there. The said Sambra airport is supposed to be completed by 2010, what will fly from there, needs to be seen. 

Fertile farmland from farmers was acquired for the expansion process, why was this done when no airline wants to fly from here. Hasn’t the Airports authority looked into the feasibility? Poor farmers and commuters of Belgaum are loosing on both fronts, farmers lost their land and commuters their way to air travel. 

I asked a frequent traveler earlier on this route and he said, he now prefers the train rather than the air because getting down at the new BIAL airport and then commuting to Bangalore city takes a lot of time and almost half the air fare. This could be one reason for low traffic he added. 

May what the reason is; no more take offs from Belgaum airport. May be it will converted into a museum or even a record of sorts a full fledged airport with no take offs. 

Poor Belgaumites!

9 thoughts on “No more, take offs from Belgaum Sambra airport”

  1. This is really bad news! When we heard that land acquistion done smoothly for expansion we thought at least now some planes will operate and play major role in IT infrastructure& in Exporting. The only city in india going under develop day by day. Belgaum was second position in all feild after Bangalore like Climate, Export and in Manufacturing industries and Even in Airport because of Govt negligency its loosing it charm. No doubt one day it will be backward disctrit of Karnataka…..

    Jaagore Belgaumites!Jaago!!!!

  2. As per recent news in local news paper, United Brewries Group(King fisher group) is mulling on setting up a distellery (Wine Factory) at belgaum. Does that mean, Flights from belgaum in near future will be ment only for air lifting the Alcholic beverages?

    Once upon a time during my Childhood (in 90’s) when we first saw an aircraft, there were regular flights not only to Mumbai (Erstwhile Bombay) but also to Chennai(Erstwhile Madras) Yes! from Belgaum.But the Scene seems to be changing.

    Its time for authorities to take up this issue seriously and take appropriate action..

  3. Being a Belgaumite and an ardent fan of Belgaum ,It was disappointing to read
    the article in your Blog ” No more take offs from Belgaum Airport “. On reading
    your article in the blog ,I gave a glimpse of the flight Schedule of Kingfisher Airlines ,
    where it shows that our neighbouring city Hubli ,has added another feather to its
    cap ie :-Hyderabad in addition to the exsisting routes of Bangalore & Mumbai.

    – S.M. NAIK-

  4. Hello Friends,

    It is very bad news for Belgaum. Our belgaum is fastest growing city in Karnataka in all the ways..The IT companies setting-up here, the local talent is finding its new ways (Eg: Eth1, spundhan,uproot labs,leading mind,vayavya labs etc),the quest is setting-up its plant, belgaum foundry cluster is taking its shape…

    All going in belgaums favor then why the airlines stopped the flight to belgaum? Why they stopped the flight from Mumbai?

    The problem is not lack of passengers…the problem is with Bangalore airport. To reach the Bangalore airport it takes 3 hours from Bangalore city and 1 hour for checking…+1 hour to reach belgaum=6 hours

    So normally to reach belgaum from bangalore it takes hardly 8- 9 hours in bus..

    Also why can’t we have daily flights flying between Bangalore and mumbai,hyderabad, pune via belgaum?

    Belgaum BJP we have to find the solution for this. We need at least one flight daily from mumbai as well as from mumbai..

  5. Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel big talks,till now airport has not yet started,then why the hell troubled farmers so much?belgaum people need airpot to be started.


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