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Coming back to Belgaum a dream of many

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Author- R K Patil of Vayavya Labs Belgaum

I read a couple of comments on this blog where people are looking to come back to Belgaum and work in companies located here. I would like to share some of my thoughts to the readers and prospects about ground realities.

While it may be nostalgic to get back to Belgaum, one has to understand and be prepared to work with smaller companies with not really so much name & fame and cash reserves to pay metro-like salaries. One should look at coming to Belgaum to make a career and if possible be a partner/core team member of the companies located here. Aim to grow with the company you are associated with and hitch your commercial returns with the success of company!

There is myth in IT domain as to what really start-up means. I am sure not many people will really experience a real start up life, especially in India.

All those overseas start-ups which come to India with fat salaries, bounty ESOPs, state of the art work place etc are not really “start-ups” In fact they are “started-up” in US or other place and are coming to other geographies for pure business reasons!

Things are however changing, there are home grown companies entirely based in India and then looking at Global market/presence. May be you will get to experience a real ‘start-up’ life in such firms at a very early stage of formation.

The situation is not any different either in other fields. If you wish to come here and settle be prepared for lesser reward. Cost of living in Belgaum and the metros are unquestionably lower and hence the lower remuneration package might also end up you saving the same amount as you did earlier. But there are limitations to this which one should understand. Belgaum is place which moves on its own pace, there is no hurry as in Mumbai or Pune.

So for all those looking at Belgaum or perhaps North Karnataka as a destination to move please make up your mind and will. While the transition will be challenging it will be rewarding in the long run. The journey itself is an experience!

11 thoughts on “Coming back to Belgaum a dream of many”

  1. I absolutely agree with Mr. Patil, what he has mentioned in this post are the actual facts of ground reality & we need to understand/accept them thoroughly before we design/plan our moves.

    I always appreciate & have respect to the belgaumites ( including my Schoolmates/college mates) who have turned entrepreneurs & are one who actually demonstrate the capability of Belgaum to the outside world than the others (including me) working for a company.


  2. I second these thoughts. Start-ups are a place to learn and explore. Money isn’t the factor one should be looking when making a decision on joining a startup. Cheers RK !

  3. Hi RK, Very well said. A person has to think about all he would sacrifice to get a better life (thats Belgaum). I myself plannng to come back to my hometown. I have been away for past 10 years and seen life in Metros in India as well as a few countries abroad. I see one thing, there is nothing like your hometown, where U have your people with you. Its upto us to prioritise what we need in life. Huge salary with no life or Life with less package.


  4. well the article talks about ground realities in terms of salary and cost of living .. I would like to add a bit more about work culture here ..people who migrate from bigger cities to Belgaum face a challenge of different work culture here ..Companies have more informal and more personnel way of working which is very much different from working in Bangalore .The pace of work is generally slow so if you are the one who finishes jobs quickly ,my advise to you is slow down a bit ..CHILL .. Your manager might be judgmental about your language/ religion which you will have to digest .. In some companies , don’t expect your sal to be deposited on very 1st day of the month ..the best trick to survive out here to be bit slow in jobs and yet at the same time clean work is very quickly recognized by your peers connected socially ,things happen by your personnel contacts ..cheers all the best for your journey back home

  5. Can we get some info , what are the initial start up formalities for a IT company in Belgaum
    Trade registration (any special IT act) for IT parks (initial cost)
    Tax policies of state govt for startups (%age of income or profit)
    Govt benefits and hidden problems ( like ESIS and other criterias for emploments to local youth)
    Clearenc of any other local authorities

  6. Useful and Informative article RK.

    I am the one who has already shifted back now.. for better life(as Amit said) Its almost 1 year now shifting from Pune to Belgaum.
    Though mine is Automobile field , situation is all the same as in IT.
    Its downflow from more work to less work, fast pace to slowing down, professionalism to the personal convinience.. i and my business going thru all this.

    Pros and cons can be discussed at length with the interested ones & needy, but, to cut a long theory short,
    In present tense – 'a peace of mind'; and in future tense – 'business base for the long run' are the only diving forces keep me running around Belgaum. 🙂

    Thanks & Good wishes to All
    -Manish Khapare

  7. If there is Supporting Infrasturcture and will to succeed many more Start ups can be setup in Belgaum. I beileve Belagavi has many qualities which a Metropolitan city has.


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