Siddeshwar temple Kanbargi


About 10 kms from the city centre lies Kanbargi (after Auto Nagar) and on atop a hill is a shrine “Siddheshwar Temple”. From the name it is the temple of Lord Shiva built in some sort of cave in the middle of a small hill.

As seen from KHB layout
Map mentioning the temple route at KHB layout

The place is accessible by road till the end from where one has to climb about 50 steps to go to the top. The place is quite pleasent and beautification works are going on like a garden, a small area with slides etc.

Stairs towards the temple. To climb up use the one on the Right

Entrance to the main shrine
The main shrine
Hall of the shrine is like a cave
View of the Belgaum city from the top

How to go there:

Go to Auto Nagar – Tata power Plant

Take a right next to Tata power plant and go straight

Then later go through a smal street and then take a Left and reach the Karnataka housing board layout.

Go straight you will find a board follow it

Distance: About 10 kms from Chenamma circle

How to go: own vehicle

All Photos: UkMaD



  1. I have been there with Family,Happy that we have such a nice temples and historical places around ನಮ ಬೆಳಗಾವಿ

  2. ThanQ very much who introduced this page. Prompting good place near Belagavi city. I m also living near Kanargi. Ramateerh Nagar Belagavi. Thanks all.

  3. IN 1963, iwas in 8th clas bkmodel school. our school trip was arraged for ramteerth temple.on sundays there used to be rush. we stayed there thruogh out day enjoyed trip.prior to that, before this our family trip used to go to ramteert, pantbalekundri temple,malmaruti temple, rajaram mandir on goaves circle, vajnath temple.prefferable on vaikunth chaturdasi. afterdiwali, tulsivivah ceremony.there used to be tremendous amt of happiness with such small trips involving almost no cost.we used to carry our food from home.

  4. Thanks . Remember collage days …We all friends use go here … feeling awesome after long time seeing these pics

  5. i go her frequently wit my friends cool place and have discovered many caves nearby tracking there have lots of fun every time i go wit friends and nearby there’s one more temple u forgot about and tats ramthreeth.

  6. Very nice place but it has been infested by more than 500 bee hives now.. they are everywhere, including inside the temple..

  7. 1971, 8th Standard, St. Paul's: Picnic led by Master Pinto to Siddeshwar. By city bus to Kanbargi and then a walk to Siddeshwar across a Railway line going to Indal. We saw some activity in the hills behind the temple. Master Pinto explained that people were making "fire water" (hooch) there.

    Can remember so many picnics and outings to this and the nearby Ramteerth (just adjacent to Indal) Going to Ramteerth and Siddeshwar were big adventures to look forward to. All such simple joys have vanished today. We need heavy and loud images to arouse us now.

    I had recently gone there to see this place. Great work done and full credit to all those responsible: State Government, Corporation, Gram Panchayat or whoever.

  8. I remember the days of my school when i use to go with my classmates and friends by bicycles… Then there was no power plant no BUDA layout no companies there. There used to be a railway track to bring the Biulding materials to build the TATA POWER PLANT. Its narrow gauge. Now its changed…. hey Uday Post something of the Vaijnath Mahipalgad as well.. It has got a rich history.

  9. There are so many of such things in and around Belgaum. Many Belgaumites themselves dont know about them. Commendation to the AAB team for bringing such places to fore.

  10. Wow i remember my school days when i use to go with my friends on a bicycle…. then there was no BUDA layout no TATA power plant no industries.. The place use to be like heaven… Now its changed. There use to be narrow gauge rail track which was used to bring the materials to construct the TATA power plant. its still there. Hey Uday why dont u post the info related to Vaijnath Mahipalgad. Its got rich History there. Shivaji conquered it to defend the Portuguese from Goa. One can see the 3 Highest points from there. One Hill near Tilari the other is rajhansagad Yellur andd the other fort of kakti. U can see the Rakaskop dam and belgaum from there.

  11. Thx. for the article
    Uday you forgot to mention about the HONEY BEES
    one should be aware that there are lot of Honey Bees around the temple, also they build there nest right in front of the main entrance.
    Some times they block both the entrance to the temple.
    One more spot near the temple that is BHIMAN PADA, which is situated above the right side of the temple, where one can see a huge FOOT impression on the rock.

  12. Few months back I had to been to a temple called Revan Siddheshwar Temple and shortly called Siddheshwar temple. But we had been to a different place near Kakti. I knew this temple you have put up but did not know this too is a Siddheswar temple. Thanks this reminds me of my school picnics.

  13. Nice to see pictures of the temple. It remembered me my teen age when i use to go with my friend. nice to know it is going to be upgraded with park. Well done & keep it up with belgaum updates.


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