Say OLA to travel in Belagavi – OLA Cabs changes fare structure


Were you fed with the Autos in Belagavi, here is one more option the OLA CABS, the Car rental operator from Mumbai.olacabs-belagavi

As soon as you book you get an email and SMS with the name of the driver and Car number. The car will be Tata Indica, Nissan Micra or Maruti Ritz.
Now u also have the option of Micro which is cheaper than Mini. 


Fare Details: 

Standard Rate
Category Minimum Bill Extra km charges Wait time charges Ride time charges
Micro** Rs 49 Rs 6 per Km N/A Rs 2 per Min
Mini** Rs 49 Rs 9 per Km N/A Rs 2 per Min




  1. Ola cabs are not available 24 hours in belgaum. It’s really disappointing. Sometimes they are available in the morning and sometimes evening.hope ola cabs in a town like belgaum will be improved.

  2. What is the fixed rental for one month “I want service for only 8 KMs including to and fro per day”

  3. Does Ola go to the airport here in belgaum? Through the app I got it as an invalid drop point as it is out of city bounds. Even if the rate is different I just want to know if they go there..

  4. Its really nice and economical…. But if they dont have on phone booking option, it wont be a full success. As all people does not have a smart phone but they will have normal handset. So its better to start customer support for Phone booking of cabs.

    I have raised the same issue to Ola Customer support.

    If u want Economical Ola then send mail to ola customer support.

    Send your mails to following mail ID: [email protected]


  5. Ride time is total journey time. For Every 1 min= Rs 1 will be charged.. but even then compared to auto it is economical with 4 people capacity & AC & pick up from any point. I have used ola more for 35 times

  6. This is regarding ola cab at belgaum. Belgaum is a small city and people often travel by city buses or autos. But it is a welcome step that a pick and drop service is being introduced by OLA at belgaum. I had an opportunity to travel by OLA three or four times. It is very nice and economical compared to autos. But now OLA cab booking is stopped on Telephone. This has put lot of us to inconvinence, since most of the people in Belgaum cannot operate APP, hence i request the management of OLA at Belgaum to introduce Cab booking on phone and make wide publicity of the Telephone No in local news papers, so that more and more people can utilise this service.

  7. I could not find Airport or City Rly station in their webpage while trying to book. Did any one try this? Are there any special charges for Sambra Airport or its the same per km basis? Did any one try this?

  8. OLA should induct fuel efficient small cars / hatchbacks in their fleet.
    The minimum 1st slab should be Rs. 50 for the first 3 Km and subsequent charge Rs 6 per Km
    In cities like Belgaum airconditioner is not really required hence an agressive Rs 6 per Km is possible.
    People travelling short distances within 3 km pay Rs.50 which is affordable and culturally acceptable to the people of Belgaum

  9. Before boarding check weather they got licence to run it in Bgm, ladies be carefull while travelling alone, Ola should appoint local drivers, shouldn’t import drivers from other places, Delhi should not be repeated here

  10. A good initiative. For all those who are fed up with Autowala’s but it is quite high priced at Rs. 99 for first 5 KM’s.

    And I did not understand this “After 5 minutes Rs 2 per minute” Can you please elaborate this?

    • That is waiting time. First 5 minute of waiting time is free. After that you will be charged 2 per minute of waiting.

  11. Wow…we can now travel without negotiating and swallowing the rude behaviour of auto drivers. This will definitely be a good conveyance mode for Belgaumites..Rates too are comparable with the Auto-fares.


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