SpiceJet has got DGCA approval for Belgaum flights

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on its website under its flight schedule for all operators has a mention to SpiceJets Belgaum schedule.

The image shows the contents of the PDF file which contains the domestic Flight Schedule (WINTER SCHEDULE 2011-12 effective from 30th October 2011 to 24th March 2012)for this winter which has been updated on 30-10-2011.

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Each operator in the country has to have a schedule ready by which it will run its operations and this is mandatory for each operator.

The schedule of Spice jet mentions about Belgaum flight by its new Bombardier Q400 aircraft which is a new turbo plane with 78 economy seating.

Spice jet earlier when it began its Q400 operations this year has stated that it will use these planes to connect to Belgaum and this blog was the first one to cover the same on Feb 1, 2011.Bombardier Q400

We have repeatedly tried to ask Spicejet about this but we got a standard reply, “as and when we add new routes you will be informed.”

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15 thoughts on “SpiceJet has got DGCA approval for Belgaum flights”

  1. No matter what , Belgaum will have flights from next year, the second capital status with the survana vidhan soudha opening and functioning will make atleast Air India to connect Belgaum on the Map!

  2. flight to bangalore or mumbai from belgaum does not make any sense, because volvo takes hardly 6 to 7 hours to reach bangalore, 2 hours at sambra airport and 3 to 4 hours from devanhalli airport to bangalore central, waste of day, the flight should be bangalore belgaum newdelhi, and newdelhi, belgaum bangalore, it will be suerhit.

  3. Belgaum-bangalore flight has a lesse utility. belgaum needs connctions mainly to Delhi region.It will be better if the flight is Bangalore to Mumbai via Belgaum.

  4. It should be Mumbai to Bangalore via Belgaum, Hyderabad to Bangalore via Belgaum, it will give importance to Belgaum it will develope Belgaum, also useful to international passenger if it start morning times from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

    • There are many flights from Mumbai to Delhi operated by various airlines at a frequency of 3 hrs on an average. But air connection from Belgaum to Mumbai is very much importanat , which is not there as on date.


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