V-day under Sene’s moral policing

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Shri Ram Sene activists are all set to restrict couples on Valentine Day in Belgaum.


A anti V- Day campaign will be  run until Feb.14 in the city by about 500 activists.


Letters have been furnished  to hotel owners, principals of the colleges, student representatives, greeting cart and gift sellers, Flower vendors as well as to wardens of the both boys and girls hostels, comprising the request matter of ‘guide the students not to celebrate V-Day for the sake of Indian culture’. 


All public gardens, open estates, hotels and restaurants, cinema theaters and also the places noted for couples sanctuary like Kittur Chennamma garden, Vaijnath road as well as extension places- Bhootaramanahatti garden and Rakaskop lake areas will be under watch of the Sene activist on the day.

Any unmarried couple appears on the day should require to prove their relationship with each other, whether they wandering with or without consent of their parents. “If any couple will look in an uneasy attitude, we can bind them in wedding knout on the spot” Pawar added. Replying to the question, forcing couple for marriage is not an illegal? He said, “Whatever those couple can do that also be an illegal and against the Indian culture. We are trying to give massage to the society that V-Day culture is not ours, Celebrate love but not fix up particular day for that. We apposing only the V-Day but not love or lovers” he clarified.



Source: TOI

I have copied & pasted the matter from the TOI, as I did not want anything to be missed. In fact this news not yet covered in any other media, I guess.

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  1. Well thanks for this great info which extremely sad and unethical that how our country runs by these gundas. well i have forwarded these messages through mail box to all the localite citizen of belgaum who is planning to have valentine blast to restrict these areas. its better to have a valentine day in our own house.well i m disappointed with this act that being such a security also these gundaaas are freely roaming just to catch some couples and beat them of streets. anyways …well abt the blog subscribers i congratulate to uday ur hardwork pays of dude. and plzz can u contact me as soon as u can on orkut or by email crishr007@gmail the reason is about Belgaum Moto-Sports Association …which is gonna start soon on 15th its an hill climbing event i want u to write abt this and spread to knwo all the citizens of belgaum plzz contact me @ this number 9886619586

  2. Dammn ,
    Y dont these guys go to the border & protect our country instead of our culture , that will dfntly be appreciated . Its time v stop reacting to such jerks cause it is giving them unnecessary byte which they & theie leader r desperate for . Mr Muthalik who was a No-no till a few days ago is in the spot light . the best way to stand up against these maniacs is to ignore them

  3. Bangalore city police commissioner Shankar M Bidari on Sunday said: “Any individual or organisation who forcibly prevents the observance of Valentine’s Day will be dealt with firmly and be booked under Section 153 (A) of the Indian Penal Code.” Violation of Section 153 (A) could result in imprisonment for up to three years.

    The warning comes in the backdrop of the fear psychosis created by Hindu outfit Sri Rama Sene, whose members had recently attacked women at a pub in Mangalore and had threatened to marry off boys and girls who are seen together on Feb 14. Sene’s head Pramod Mutalik had announced that Valentine’s Day will not be allowed as it was a Christian concept and against Hindu culture.

  4. You are right guys, Just ignore this looser and his group of loosers. No more than a comman gunda. Doing all this just to get some attention and popularity.
    If he is really concerned about our country, let him and his men stand guard on our country’s borders, do something against the terrorist attacks.
    Fight aganst Voilence, not Love.
    V-Day is not specific to any religion, the only religion it speaks is LOVE.
    No Religion in this world has anything against LOVE. Its people like who just for their selfish cause wants to misinterprett the meaning V-Day.

    Love Rocks …V-Day Rocks…We Rock…


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