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8 coaches of Rani Chennamma Express derail: Most Bangalore bound trains late

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Eight coaches of Bangalore-Kolhapur Rani Chennamma Express (6589) derailed between Devaragudda and Byadgi railway stations in Haveri district at 4.55 a.m. on Sunday, nevertheless there were no causalities.


Most Bangalore bound trains are late on both sides: This is the latest for today at Belgaum station


6534    YPR JODHPUR EXP late by 01:44 ETA at 11:29, 09 Feb

6589   RANI CHENNAMMA           BANGALORE CY JN late by 03:40 ETA at 12:23, 09 Feb

6209   AII MYS EXPRESS late by 00:19 ETA 13:44, 09 Feb

 1018    CHALUKYA EXP late by 00:30 ETA 18:25, 09 Feb

2780    GOA EXPRESS late by 00:30 ETA 01:15, 10 Feb


All other trains are running on time but they too could be late by 10 mins or so.

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