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Sanchayni Circle: Darkness all through

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The Sanchayni Circle (Police Qtrs Maruti Circle) in camp is in darkness. This is a important circle enroute to Bogarves just 100 mtrs from Bogarves.


The circle is not illuminated for years. There is no traffic island in the center, which causes minor accidents all the time. To add to these hardships the road round the corner from Bogarves to Khanapur road has some innumerable potholes of all sizes and depths. This VDO is taken from the same spot. What is visible (other than in the headlights) is DARK reality.


In my 30 years, I have never seen a street lamp in this circle nor a Himast lamps as put all over Belgaum, just see the one in Bogarves just 100 mtrs away.


The cantonment should look into this matter at the earliest and install Himast Street lamps at this circle so that riding at night would be come easier.


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