Rs.20 Balcony & Rs.15 Stall

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In this time heavy double digit inflation the district administration in its preparations for the VKS have asked the Cinema theater owners to show atleast 3 Kannada movies should be shown. Two days before the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana and 4-5 days after the Sammelana all the cinemas will only show Kannada Movies.

The prices of the tickets have also been fixed and the theater owners have given their nod for the same.

Prices fixed during those days for Kannada Movies only:

Balcony Rs.20

Other Classes Rs.15

Inox & Big Cinemas will charge Rs.50.

The Vishwa Kannada Sammelana will be held on 11, 12 & 13 March 2011.

10 thoughts on “Rs.20 Balcony & Rs.15 Stall”

  1. All ’bout belgaum speaks the facts that even the localites may not know. This keeps the belgaumis aware bout the events, happenings, etc.
    Well lets hope for the best in future through All About Belgaum

  2. Surely it needs the theatre owners to show excited kannada movies coz i still dont know to speak kannada properly. By the way, no problem to pay more if the movie is really exciting

  3. Balcony 20 rupees and the stall 15 rupees? NOT FOR HINDI OR MARATHI MOVIES. Only for Kannada movies, that too just during the Kannada Sammelan. This is a wonderful "Kar-Natak" method. However, who is going to bear the losses of the cinema theatre owners for this?

    • @Sanjay
      Dear Sanjay,
      Leave the business matters to the theatre owners.. There is nothing wrong in screening Kannada movies the festival… Recently, the regional language movies have been badly affected by Hollywood & Bollywood releases.. Wat i feel is regional language movies like Kannada, Marathi, Konkani, Tulu, Malayalam….. all have very good movies with better content than wat we see in Bollywood masala.. We need to encourage our regional languages & movies to save it from the onslaught of English & Hindi… Then, why feel bad when there is something good happening.? And, by the way Marathi & Hindi Movies r not at all banned in Belgaum.. Infact, there could also be a Marathi film festival also in belgaum anytime.. Belgaumites hav always been open to good things.

    • its obvious dude.. Kannada & Telugu movies are also taxed heavily in Maharastra, where as Marathi movies are tax free… So, is tat also a natak.?

    • its obvious, you are in Karnataka and the cinemas of other regional language will be charged more!
      does maharashtra shows you a tax free kannada movie??
      its time to widen your views

      • i completely agree with you vinayak. don't try to spoil the beautiful relation among kannada and marathi people. be open for welfare of our belgaum city.


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