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All want to fly in to Belgaum

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The day is almost here, which was being planned since 2008. The Vishwa Kannada Sammelana or World Kannada meet will be held in the city from 11 to 13 March.

City is still getting its make over done and work is on 24*7 even till the wee hours of the morning. All the contractors are telling their laborers is finish it, any manner but finish the work. The officials overlooking the same also have no choice but to say the same.

Most of the work is over but Khanapur Road is still in a mess especially from fish Market area.

All politicians from Bangalore want only to fly to Belgaum, and dont want to use any other means of travel. The organisers had arranged for one chartered Jet airways flight from Bangalore which would carry Narayana Murthy, CM and other dignitaries. But the 62 seater flight is full now the orgnisers have been forced to book one more chartered flight which cost the exchequer a total of Rs.15 Lakhs at 7.5 lakhs per plane. Volvo buses were booked for all but no one is interested in taking the road route.

The Chief guest NR Narayan Murthy will stay here for all the three days of the event, this was stated by the CM but NRN’s PA says that Mr.Murthy will leave for Mumbai on Saturday from where he will fly to London.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is getting ready to fly in to Belgaum by a special plane in late afternoon and she will not be a part of the procession. She will directly go to the main venue District stadium for the opening ceremony. Details of her stay are not yet available but as night landing and take off permissions are now there she might fly off that day night itself.

The team consisting of 1000 persons from Kannada film industry assembling at Freedom Park on Thursday morning leave for Belgaum in nearly 12 hours journey. In Twenty Volvo and 10 Rajahamsa buses the team from KFI take part in the mega event.

The Floating hotel at the Fort Lake is set to inaugurated today at 4 pm. The hotel built on three boats as its base has been built at a cost of about 10 lakhs.

The atmosphere is festive indeed with loads of police 5000 of them in the city from various parts. All the circles have been illuminated(some still being done) the atmosphere is like a Jatra in town. Guests have started to pour in.



8 thoughts on “All want to fly in to Belgaum”

  1. there is no news of kannada chitrotsav to be held in belgaum which was inaugurated by anant nag.
    pl.give us the name of pictures to be screened and in which theaters theaters

  2. the interest to get participated in this mega event is increasing day by day …

    I am also leaving to Belgaum Tonight ,,, 🙂

  3. Thank You Akshay!!!!

    The pics looks great, the stage is awesome… It is gonna be a feast for ppl back home… Uday can you contribute some more pics like the other venues, illuminated circles, buildings, etc.. like the ones in Akshay's link!??



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