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Mayor resigns as his name is not invitation

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Mayor Ningappa Balappa
Nirvani , the first citizen of
Belgaum has resigned from his post of Mayor sighting reason that the administration on purpose did not include his name in the invitation of Vishwa Kannada Sammelana.
Resignation was given to the deputy mayor Dhanraj Gavali who has accepted the resignation. So now at this very big event we wont have a mayor.
He was mayor from the Kannada panel.

11 thoughts on “Mayor resigns as his name is not invitation”

  1. Its Sad that he played an spoil sport when the full city is going thru a change of development, good that he resigned.. Belgaum doesn't like or want kiddish mayor's specially a pessimistic one!
    Lets Forget Mr Nirvai as
    We have Mr. Dhanraj Gavali who will take in the charge and the honour to represent and welcome people as Mayor! So Belgaumites are chillax and relaxed 🙂
    To add (Mayor is the host, its like expecting to be invited in ones own function)

  2. kiddish….
    Why is he expecting invitation?. He is the host and should invite others 🙂 🙂

    My god.. its pity to see such kind of people on earth.

  3. N B Nirvani Sir Please ……………….. Dnt create Issue! Pls Coordinate…….. this is yours & everyone's Mega Conference. All the Best VKS.

  4. I agree with u vineet .Use the same money to develop the belgaum. Also one more news Police harassment in Hari Mandhir for public accomoditation for the purpose Vishwa Kannada Sammelana

  5. Many people have not unerstood the situation and they have commented in their own way regarding Belgaum mayor Mr.Nirvani. It is quite natural that any person holding the key post wants his name to be printed on the invitation card, naturally Mr.Nirwani wanted his name to be printed in the invitation but definately he never wanted invitation to attend the function. This is an intimation for those who have not understood the situation about the Belgaum mayor in World Kannada Meet.

  6. wat a BS drama…..hahaha…does belgaum really need a mayor….wat are his credentials….did he ever go to any school?…people in belgaum shud not elect uneducated leaders….cheers ahve fun in VKK free food free entertainment…hahahaha


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