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Nirwani new self declared Mayor of Belgaum


Sri. Nirwani Ningappa Balappa councilor from ward 52 has been elected as the mayor of Belgaum. He is part of the Kannada group and the ruling party has been successful in retaining power.

Nirwani did not have the numbers but he became the self declared Mayor.

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The corporation today saw some very unruly scenes inside the house and the election of the Deputy mayor were postponed.



  1. guys whatever you discuss and show your angers one on other doesn’t count more,it will kill peace,you cant change history and thats why justice always prevails. karnataka has ruled by many native kingdoms,even kannada kingdom was ruled whole maharastra for 1000years during hoysalas and chalukyas rule.
    history says even shivaji maharaj was learnt fighting skills in Bangalore during childhood due to threat in home.
    The Sena Dynasty of Bengal called themselves Karnata Kshatriyas, the Karnatas of Mithila ruled over present day Bihar called themselves Karnata Vamsha and Karnataka Kshatriya proudly. The Chindaka Nagas of central India, Gangas of Kalinga (Orissa) are all Kannada origin.
    the ganga dynasty,chalukyas,rastrakutas,hoysalas,kalachuris,vijayanagara,mysore kingdoms has history of 2000years and all are kannada origin.
    history says maratha empire came to prominence in 17th century and they are not even local origin,there origin attributed to bihar. shivaji maharaj not even built some temples,all famous temples were built by kannada kings in maharastra.
    belgavi always a part of kannada kingdoms and even today it is.it is peoples and gods wish too.kannadigas dont oppose marathis living in belagavi,live in peace like in kasargodu in kerala where kannadigas are in majority,just dont think that Kannadigas cant do anything if they are silent, they just respect brotherwood and tolerate all type of people no one survived opposing them in unfair or illegal manner because they are always thrive for justice and truth.
    live in peace, respect each other else you people should go back to Maharashtra is best.this is not about giving belgavi,its all about justice and god is also with them and they will get justice.
    .we always go in the right path and that ensures bigger win that’s why we have great history. lastly you should protect Maharashtra land instead of claiming belagavi,for sure you people are going to lose in this battle.we dont need bit land of Maharashtra because our saints told always see others belongings like shit so you wont like it and steal.

  2. Dear Mahant, I agree that NOBODY is Fool…SRC /Fazal Ali Commission was appointed to
    recommmened formation of new states on basis of linguistic lines/majority. As per 1951 cnasus, Belgaum and its surrounding areas had population of 67% marathi & 33% Kannada. Mr.Mahant, please note, I never said that the Mayor should be Maratha. President is elected by our MPs & Mayor by corporators. i know well what is nation & nationalisam! I am proud to be Indian first & last., I have no reservations to state that I am a Marathi, love Marathi, love its unique ageold culture & zunkabhakari !
    It do'snt mean I hate Kannada. I have learnt to speak Kannada. I want those all who love Marathi should
    hereafter fight for preservance of Marathi and Marathi Asmita in the boarder area rather than demanding the merger of the disputed area. Jai Marathi! Jai Kannada! Good bye!

    • Hi Nazirahmed Ji

      This is what I can put forward to you. Please confirm your Census. I am Sorry to say this.
      Source :http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hubli/No-compromise-on-Belgaum-Yeddyurappa/articleshow/5799633.cms

      What is Mahajan Commission report?

      Supreme Court’s retired Chief Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan was appointed as the one-man commission to study the border dispute between Karnataka-Maharashtra on October 25, 1966. He submitted the report on August 25, 1967.

      But the report is yet to be tabled in Parliament.

      What did the two states get and why?

      The Commission received 2,240 memoranda and interviewed 7,572 people. * Maharashtra asked for 814 villages besides Belgaum. Was given 262 villages including Nippani, Khanapur and Nandgad.

      * Karnataka (then called called Mysore) had claimed 516 villages, of which Maharashtra admitted that 260 were Kannada-speaking ones. It was awarded 247 villages including claim to Sholapur. Besides Kasargod, which had been annexed to Kerala in the state’s reorganisation, was also given to Karnataka.

      Why the Commission rejected Maharashtra’s claim on Belgaum (Excerpts from the report): Maharashtra’s claim for Belgaum is of recent origin. Though tabled in Parliament, Maharashtra MPs, especially from the treasury benches, did not vote against the amendment of Belgaum being part of their state. Belgaum is a cosmopolitan city. In 1920 when the AICC session was held there, not a single leader from Maharashtra including N C Kelkar demanded that it be part of that state. Geographically, Kannada areas surround the city of Belgaum on three sides and by a smattering of villages belonging to Maharashtra on the fourth. Reorganisation will cause extreme hardship. Status quo should be maintained. From the records of rights of Belgaum city, it is seen that a majority of lands belong to Kannadigas. All the original records in the offices of the mamlatdar and collector are in Kannada. “On the appreciation of the whole material and assessing it objectively, I have reached the conclusion that I cannot recommend the inclusion of Belgaum city in the state of Maharashtra,” Mahajan said.

  3. I was born in Belgaum in year 1938. My mothertounge is Urdu (Logati). I studied in Marathi. Not me alone, even my grandfather, father, mother, brothers and almost all my relatives had their education in Marathi. Even minority communities from Belgaum such as Jains, Christains sent their children to Marathi Schools.. The local language of communication was Marathi. Even my Lingayat friends (Kannada speaking) used to communicate with us (Marathi speaking) in Marathi only. A cosmopolitian city is one where many languages are spoken, where large number of different communities with their age-old tarditions and culture live. Christ had said, "Man can not live on bread alone". Besides bread he needs freedom of speech, freedom to love his mothertongue and also to follow his traditions and culture etc. After 1956, what happened is not a history but a fact. People who came to Belgaum from other parts of Karnataka they all settled in Belgaum and changed the status of Mai Marathi! Belgaum certainly deserves a Marathi Mayor. Who ever he be, he should be a Hindi/Marathi, Urdu/Marathi, Kannada/Marathi or Marathi/Marathi!

    • Very well said Nazir Saab. If all Belgaumites will have these kind of thoughts nothing like it. We all then can certainly concentrate on development of Belgaum which always happens to be the real issue.

    • Hmmmmm Nazir ahmed ji

      Well said,,,, You are a persnolity who crossed the days of independence, and still you are looking at the Developing India.. Great to have such great People like you with us in our Native.
      But, I am not OK with your marathi Mayor proposal, If in your time parents sent thier children to Marathi school doesnt mean today’s Belagaavi mayor should be a maratha, You think all those who devided the states in your time (1956) where fools so that they changed marathi dominance ( if it was) to kannada ? ,,, are all the mahajan commity members from Supreme court of India also are fools ?
      If every one starts thinking as you do then in INDIA no one has choosen Mr Abdul Kalam as our president.

      Thanks for your concern

  4. Its useless discussion going on here..The mayor is already declared by himself. I just don’t understand if the mayor seat was already fixed y the application invited and if Belgaum city corporation following democratic rules then why the decision took place wrongly where out of 58 members 40 members opposing the results. The results shows Karnataka govt is against “Marathi” why they don’t want to accept the truth. Belgaum is cosmopolitan city more than 70 % people speak Marathi. When Marathi mayor got elected they never forced to remove the kannada boarding’s from shops, buses etc but why Karnataka govt doing this…

  5. Sharad balaaaaaa….

    Nakko re balaaaa.. nakoooooo…. Nimma kaiyalli enu kisiyoke agalla anta ega bhikse bedo stithige bandubitrallappa…. Eno… tinnoke oota beku andri oota kotvi… kudiyoke neeru iroke gudisalu beku andri adannu kotvi,…. angai kotre hasta nungo jati nimma marathigaladu….

    Ninu nintkondu matadtiro nela karnatakaddu ….. adu yavattu kannadadde…. nimmantha eshto jana bandru hodruuuu… nayi bogalidare swargaloka halagallaaaaa… tilko…

    Neeniro nelakke tinno annakke respect kododu kali modalu…. jeevanadalli uddhara agtiya….ashtondu swabhimana idre Maharashtrakke hogi jeevana madu….

    belagavi alla…. shinolli border eeche ondu inchu nela kooda sigalla nimage…..

    Jai Karnataka,
    Sirigannadam Gelge
    Belagavi endendu karnatakadde…

    • Sharad Bahu What you say is very correct atleast our future generation will not suffer that way. For this the whole lot has to get organised first.

  6. For development of the city we need a Mayor who believe in principles than polotics. We had seen Kurbur as a non performing Mayor and now this self declared Mayor Nirvani, elected undeomocratic manner by rejecting all the six nominations filed by six councillors by the outgoing Mayor. The newly elected Mayor who has been shown chappals by lady members should step down from the respectable post of Mayorship of the most cospmopolition city of Belgaum.

    • why are u attaching the cosmopolitan tag to belagavi? every other city in this world is cosmopolitan by nature.. losers should stop cribbing.

      • Well Belgaum truly is a cosmopolitan city as along with Marathis, Kanadigas, Urdu speaking people also exist over here. This time it could have been the Urdu speaking Mayor supported by the Marathis If the elections would have been fair.

  7. Its really unbelievable that the 50+. aged corporator's are fighting like small kids, god only knows what they teach to their children's at their house, It is the reason may be in our city the young guys who rob, stab or do gundagardi are the followers or son's of these politicians.

  8. There is nothing special in this incident, as the Corporation has seen hundreds of such scenes before. The entire bunch- the MES, the Kannada speaking group and the MLAs and the MP is nonsense. These guys only indulge into petty politics and behave like 5 year olds. Administration of Belgaum is too much to be asked from them. The government should consider direct election of Mayor like in UK and should delegate more powers to the post.

  9. MES goondas threw chappalis at the mayor's chair. these rowdies should be put behind bars and made to undergo 3rd degree treatment like ballary gundu, so that they learn how to behave like human beings.

    • कर्नाटकला लोकशाहीची काही चाड असेल तर त्याने मराठी भाषी सीमाभाग महाराष्ट्राला देऊन टाकावा. You shameless kannadigas, Belgaum and disputed border area belongs to MAHARASHTRA and we will get it.


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