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Another stray dog attacked a child in Gandhi Nagar

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Rampant Stray Dog Attacks on the Rise in Belagavi, Authorities Fail to Act

Residents of New Gandhi Nagar, Belagavi, were left horrified as yet another incident of stray dog attacks unfolded, this time targeting innocent children at play. The latest victim, a child, suffered severe injuries and had to be rushed to the district hospital for treatment.

Furious parents are directing their ire towards the Belagavi City Corporation, accusing them of negligence in addressing the escalating issue of stray dog attacks. The neighborhoods of Belagavi, particularly New Gandhinagar and Ujwal Nagar, are witnessing a surge in such incidents, leaving residents on edge.

Reports indicate that more than ten individuals fell victim to dog bites within just a month and a half. Stray dogs, unchecked and unrestrained, roam the streets, posing a grave threat to anyone they encounter, especially children.

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Despite repeated pleas and requests for intervention, the authorities have remained apathetic to the plight of the residents. Fear now grips the community, with people afraid to venture out onto the streets due to the looming presence of stray dogs.

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