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Apartment Property Tax Challan will be available Offline: Online option still closed

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By uday

Belagavi City Corporation residents facing hurdles in online property tax payments can now breathe a sigh of relief as Divisional Revenue Offices have stepped in to provide a solution. The inability to access property tax challans online has been a recurring issue, prompting frustrated property owners to seek alternatives.

Despite efforts to streamline the process, the online option for many property tax challans remains closed, leaving many residents in a lurch. However, the Divisional Revenue Offices of the Belagavi City Corporation have come to the rescue by offering physical challans for flats in residential complexes.

“The unavailability of property tax challans online has been a major inconvenience for us. It’s been over a month, and we’re still struggling to obtain them,” expressed a resident.

To address the issue, property owners can now visit Divisional Revenue Offices located at Goaves, Konwal Galli, Risaldar Galli, and Ashok Nagar. By providing their Property Identification (PID) number, residents can obtain the necessary challans at these offices.

While efforts are underway to resolve the online payment glitch, the urban development department is yet to decide on extending the five percent rebate, a demand made by several municipal corporations including Belagavi, Tumkur, Davangere, and Hubli Dharwad.

“This property tax issue seems unique to Belagavi City Corporation. It’s disappointing that in today’s digital age, such inefficiencies persist,” remarked a concerned resident.

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With the deadline for property tax payments looming, residents are urging prompt action from the city corporation to rectify the situation. Failure to address these shortcomings not only inconveniences taxpayers but also erodes trust in governance.

Under normal circumstances, a penalty of two percent is imposed on property tax payments made from July. However, property owners can avoid penalties by ensuring timely payments before June 30.

As frustrations mount and calls for accountability grow louder, the Belagavi City Corporation must expedite efforts in resolving the online payment issue and restoring confidence in the system. In a time when digital solutions are expected to ease administrative processes, the persistence of such challenges underscores the need for proactive measures to ensure a smoother experience for taxpayers.

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