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Hot weather forecasted

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All the visitors to the city of Belgaum who believed that the city would be cool and which is known as the “poor mans hill station” is no more cool.

Temperatures in the day have touched a whopping 36 degrees Celsius in the day and nigh temperatures range between 22 to 25.vksweather

People going to watch the procession have water stocked with you as it will be very hot and keep your body fluids intact.

The administration has made arrangements for drinking water at all the venues and enroute the procession route but its is always better to have your own safe drinking water.

This is March first week and if temperatures soar to 36+ now only be sure for the next April and May & early June 42+ is in store for us.


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  1. "All the visitors to the city of Belgaum…", uday are you refering to guys who will be visiting belgaum for VKS…just kidding. I wish there is power cut and they have horrible time sweating in hot sun. then they will understand how belgaum people are suffering during unscheduled power cuts. these ppl have been stayed in AC in bangalore now let them suffer here and experience


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