Cut trees for development

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firstonaabThe VKS 2011 is near work is full swing to make Belgaum a “Dulhan”. Team AAB was shocked to see huge tree being cut at Rani Chennamma Circle (on the cross road to Kaktives).

When inquired with the forest department under whose purview permission should be sought, they said that FOUR trees on the said road at Chennama Circle will be cut and the city corporation has sought permission for the same.DSCN8998

The permission was sighting a reason that many accidents happen at that spot and by cutting the tree that part of the road will be widened.

If we look closely this particular tree lies on the footpath and how this tree was causing accidents is a mystery.

Again the same question, in the name of development why curse the mother nature. Cant anything be done without cutting those trees.

Was an alternate plan prepared that if the trees are not cut we could have the road this way or that way?

To cut a tree is very simple but to grow one is very difficult and it takes years.

As permission has been sought nothing is illegal but what about preserving and conserving nature. If we cant grow a tree we should atleast see that we dont cut one.

Poor Belgaum !

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5 thoughts on “Cut trees for development”

  1. Please foward this to Self proclaimed environmentalists who have turned a blind eye to all such destruction of green cover of once a green city so that they wake up their slumber.

    • If permission was sought and given, then no body can stop them. They might just as well fix a copy of the permission the poor tree and distribute as handouts. Enviromentalists should not be pointed at. Just as you would not blame the person holding the axe.

      The person who ordered/permitted is it to be blamed.

      Its a bitter pill, pushed down throats of Belgaum citizens.

  2. I remember one case where in the Safety Manager involved was an Englishman. At intersection of the road one of the trees was restricting the view of the main road. For safety concerns it was suggested to cut the tree so that the people approaching the main road can see the vehicles on the main road & vice versa.

    The problem was solved but the tree was not cut rather a speed breaker was inserted on the road. The standard of civil services in India is like somehow get through it & then you are the owner of the city free to loot as much as one can.

  3. a day light robbery of natural resources under the Govt. officials nod! Unfortunately this is how contractors and men in power corroborate.

  4. what an irony just read your post and then did google for belgaum new and found this on TOI

    it say's
    The government has released a whooping Rs 7.16 crore to give the city a facelift. "We have already initiated steps to make the city cleaner and greener by launching a mass-cleaning campaign for the upcoming meet," Kannada and culture minister Govind Karjol said on Monday.

    this guy sitting in bangalore want to make belgaum cleaner and greener by launching a mass-cleaning campaign actually they are cutting down trees and making our green belgaum a bald belgaum.
    just like these psyco polictican made garden city bangalore into concrete jungle they will do it for belgaum also


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