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Getting ready for VKS

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The city is getting ready for the mega event. Work is progress and work is going on 24×7 and yet the work will complete on time is not yet known.

some exclusive photos for the readers of AAB: All Photos Team AAB

IMG 1940
Jamkhanes kept in the ZP office which will be used in all schools
IMG 1942 khanapur rd
Khanapur Raod near Desai Building
IMG 1943 Khanapurroad1
Khanapur Road widened near Cantonment office with Dividers. Light posts yet to be installed
IMG 1946 khanapur nearsaitpump
Khanapur Road widened near Police Lines Sanchayani Circle
IMG 1947 Sanchayani
Extra Broad widened Sanchayani Circle(Near Bogarves)
IMG 1949 policemaruti
Police Maruti getting renovated
IMG 1950 kelkarbagh
Shops cleared near 'Kelkar bagh now a clear look of Kelkar Bagh
IMG 1951
Cut outs put across the city, North part to be precise
IMG 1952 opptreasury
Small rooms near treasury in DC office compound demolished
IMG 1954
Temple Island getting landscaped at Sangoll Rayanna Circle
IMG 1958 ashokcircle
Ashok Circle without the Ashoka Pillar
IMG 1959
Floating Hotel at Fort Lake almost ready
IMG 1960 amphi
Am phi theater at Fort Lake
IMG 1961
New RR bus Stand opp Fort Lake on way to Hotel Shankam
IMG 1962
Floating Hotel at Fort lake
IMG 1964 dist
District Stadium getting ready
IMG 1965
Main stage at District stadium

IMG 1966

IMG 1968
School Students on a awareness rally in the hot sun at 11.30 near DC office
IMG 1970
Who has time to switch off now, let it burn at DC office
IMG 1971
KSTDC buses will do short tours near Belgaum, get info from Tourist info office in DC compound
IMG 1972
RPD road newly laid after widening started 10 months ago
IMG 1973
foot Paths being laid at RPD road even lamp posts will be installed but still only 100 meters ready
IMG 1974
RPD road near Gogte College
IMG 1975
RPD road to Patwardhan layout work is still on even after 10 months near Gomatesh
IMG 1977
Welcome board at Ganesh Chowk First Gate Roy road
IMG 1978
Lele Ground:cultural events will tale place in the evening
IMG 1980
Tableaux being built by the team from Gadag in all 9 are being built at Vaccine Institute premises

IMG 1981

IMG 1982
Artist who is a Drawing teacher from Khanapur making a statue for tableaux
IMG 1983
Congress Road near Veer Soudha cross still being laid

IMG 1984
Congress Road near Arun


38 thoughts on “Getting ready for VKS”

  1. Hey Uday, what about the patch between fish market and the petrol pump near police quarters…..have they widened that road too???? If yes please post some pics…and thank you for the excellent coverage.

  2. Man, I am not able to recognise many of these place!!! But quite a lot work remains to be done I guess, the roads are still uncarpeted, footpaths still being done and street lights yet to be done. Anyway a great step towards improvement.

  3. really sad 2 kno all this still going on 4 such a historic event of vks which is just 2 days ahead n d the officers n ministers wake up only wen it is this necessary….:(

  4. Dear Uday,

    I request you to take photographs of places after 2 or three months ..You will see actual quality and progress..)

  5. Good coverage Uday & team..

    Keep updated on work done a day before summit

    Also do post pictures of summit..


  6. At least the netas have woken up.Be thankful for that.
    It is upto every citizen in Belgaum now to take care of their city.If each one of us decide to keep the city the way we keep our front yard a lot of good will come to our cities.

  7. It is nice to see our Belgaum like this, Now a days it is developing slowly in every field and I pray that it should get develop in It field also so I can come back to my native, I am missing my pyara Belgaum and many thanks for uploading these photos so at least I can see my belaaum in photos

  8. Dear Shree Uday ,fantastic coverage with self explainatory pictures. any development on Dr B R Ambedkar road, V T U section via G I T & Udyam Baug. What about the Famous & the beautiful Dalavi Bungalow while entering Kelkar baug? I & all my children with my wife are missing Belgaum & that too this Mega Event .
    Thanks once again to revisit our beautiful & socio-culturally advanced City of Belagao.
    Thanks for up dating us who are far away.

  9. There is no way in hell…that this all will be completed…in time…u guys are living in denial…when the whole of india is 25 years behind developed countries…what are the chances that these projects will be doen!!!???……and morever…jus mark my words…it will take few years to finish this all…if u guys are lucky…after the samelan..jus watch everything will be left the way it is…hahahahhaa….as I said stupidity has no bounds…funny.


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