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Mega Procession on 11 from Veer Soudha

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Belgaum city and its officials are working 24×7 to get all the work done pending for the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana to be held from 11 March. Still a lot of work is pending but work is being done a war footing.

A mega procession will be held on 11th March which would begin at 10am and end at 5pm from where the actual programs of the VKS would begin at the District Stadium. A whopping 70 lakhs would be spent on the entire procession alone, so one can imagine the grandness of the procession. Out of the 70 lakhs 2.81 lakhs have been given to forest department for the over looking of all the animals that have been brought which includes, elephants and 65 horses from Mysore.

The Procession will showcase the the states history, culture and Elephants, Horses and other animals would walk along with thousands of folks artists and tableau from various districts will march along the roads of city. The entire route has some shade being made so that people could stand in the Shelter shade and see.

The Jumbo Savari the pride of Mysore will also walk the Belgaum roads. Another added attraction would be the horse mounted police from Mysore and Police band. 108 bullock carts will also join in. Helicopter will shower petals on Bhuvaneshwari devi from the skies. 500 artists from Sandalwood would also take part in this.dussera

The tableau’s from Army, Navy and Sea bird Karwar will also be seen.

Procession Route:

10 am – Veer Soudha (Congress Well First Railway Gate) Congress Road.

Gogte Circle

Khanapur Road

Dharmveer Sambhaji chowk (Bogarves)

College Road

Rani Chennamma Circle

District Stadium – 5pm

As many as 5,000 personnel, including senior officials, reserve police platoons and women staff, will be deployed to maintain law and order, regulate traffic mobility, arrange immediate help and guide the thousands of visitors converging on the city for the grand celebrations and cultural extravaganza. CCTVs have been installed at 15 sensitive areas to keep a watch on miscreants and anti-social elements.


17 thoughts on “Mega Procession on 11 from Veer Soudha”

  1. We all are waiting for that Grate……………………………..Day! Its Golden-day for Belgaum People! All the Best VKS.

  2. It will be a great event….!
    It is the biggest event being hosted by our beloved city after the 1924 Congress session..

    People of belgaum should take this opportunity to showcase our city & its culture to the world.
    Hundreds of families in our city have come forward to accomodate some guests at their houses during the event under the banner 'Athithi Devo bhava'. Its a nice gesture from the people of Belgaum.. I hope more people join in to make this event a memorable one…

  3. WOW….helicopters showering petals…wats the logic behind this?…..its a samelan….for christ's sake…..not a religious event…haha… and navy….why no air force…hahahaha….good lord…..stupidty knows no bound eh….

  4. superb

    really its a historical event ,,, request each one of you to attend the fest,,, if u miss it,, another 25 years it will never happen,,, and god knows when belgaum gets it next time…

    Make the event successful by active participation…. 🙂

  5. Will the old railway bridge hold the weight of these elephants?
    FACT: The old railway bride has already exceeded its allowable age.

  6. thats..such a cool thing to've happening in our belgaum…….really excited to see the event…….belgaumites come out in full numbers and make the event a grand succes…………if one tells he has nothing to do with meet….let him be satisfied atleast with development works tha've taken place over short period of time…………………………………………………………..

  7. Thankx to VKS Its great pleassure for belgaumites its a historical events ever had its great its great mind blowing everyone of belgaum people should take of all d guest


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