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Many development works for VKS 2011

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The second Vishwa Kannada Sammelana[VKS] (2nd World Kannada Meet) will be held in BELGAUM on 11th, 12th & 13th March, 2011.

And preparations are in full swing with the entire district administration only behind the preprations of VKS 2011.


The official website gives some great bites for which we all need to be happy.

Road development works will be under taken of the major roads in the city and also beautification of circles and the orders for the same have been given.

The VKS committee has asked the state transport to allot them 30 Volvo buses for a period of one month which would be used as city buses.

The entire event will spread over many places in the city like the District Stadium, Lingraj College, Kala Mandir, Lele Ground and many other places which will be duly notified. The 3 days will see with events, exhibitions, film shows, literature and poetry symposia, discussion panels, sports, arts, culture and various other activities across the above places.

To register for the event one can email [email protected] or see the Registration page.


12 thoughts on “Many development works for VKS 2011”

  1. Yeah nice.. u can see congress road from 2nd gate to 3rd gate finished… good work n hope other areas roads also will be done soon… nice start

    • I don’t think that “VAJRA” would run in Belgaum coz it should be imported all the way from Bengaluru, 30 in numbers, which would be a nightmare. Instead “AIRAVAT” would be operational most probably. Any clarity on this Uday?

  2. atlast.. good roads..
    I think we should invite all politicians to Belgaum in the name of functions and openings to every corner and nook.. atleast we’ll have the places cleaned and good roads :p
    another way of development! 🙂

  3. Great! gr8! thats gr8! i was waiting for this,,,,,, that means my love belgaum is becoming world famous,,,, its growing,,, oh god keep it up like this,,, so my native people can experience something good,,, my love belgaum will be beautiful,,, clean,,, n lovely,,, please guys help it like this,, do not think about religion,,, do not think about language,,, just think about belgaum nd its people(paradise)


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