Does States new IT policy overlook Belgaum again

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The state of Karnataka yesterday in its cabinet meeting cleared the IT and electronic hardware policies 2011.
The government is focusing on developing FOUR electronic hardware clusters in Bangalore-Tumkur, Shimoga-Hassan, Hubli-Dharwad and Mysore-Nanjangud, besides giving fillip to IT industries and innovative parks in tier-II and III cities.
No doubt Belgaum falls in  tier-II and III cities in the state but no specific mention about parks has been mentioned. Even under the new semi conductor policy subsidy is awarded units opened in other than Hubli, Mysore and Bangalore.
Government proposes to set up an Innovative Park on public private partnership PPP basis for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Bangalore. The park will focus on providing latest technology and equipment to MSMEs to upgrade their technology.

The Government will support the park with 20 per cent Viability Gap Funding. Separate SEZs dedicated to MSMEs will be set up in Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli-Dharwad, Gulbarga and Belgaum.

Again Hubli-Dharwad have got an electronic park, couldn’t the park be established in Belgaum.
We have the states Technology university (VTU) head quartered in Belgaum, but Belgaum does not have technology based industries.
The question here have been overlooked again and if yes/no who is responsible for this?
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7 thoughts on “Does States new IT policy overlook Belgaum again”

  1. i think Mr.BSY is happy giving belgaum the VIDHAN SOUDHA.i believe MLA's from belgaum district have to be blamed.what have they got for the district,even in the industries meet, most of it has gone towards raichur, bellary, bagalkot and as usual we people from belgaum are least bothered about what comes and goes in belgaum.

    • Well it has happening eevrytime with Belgaum and leaders are to be blamed for it. Belgaum leaders are only busy in doing things which has their own political mean. Everybody in the Noth Karnataka region knows that Belgaum is the best place to setup industries. Not just the Technological university (VTU) we have so many Engineering colleges in Belgaum which can easily provide local resources to these companies if they are set. State govt only remembers Belgaum when other states talk about it that too for a brief period. We as Belgaumites need to make sure that these politicians that are looking for development of the city and not their own development.

      • Hey Muddu ..
        Even though Belgaum has so many Engg. colleges but when industries are set up they will need skilled labour and experienced staff. so freshers will stand less chance to get jobs. and first thing companies will look for is infrastructure which belgaum lacks in and also of the Border dispute Belgaum has less chance of getting industries set up here. The issue is in supreme court and the companies will not take a chance, because of the dispute there are so much BANDHS. they will face loss man. simple

  2. Who has the time to pursue on these development programmes? The men in power are busy in alleged land grabbing and have little time to think on such "useless" issues. They think their progress is state's progress. Therefore, please talk of their progress not of the people who elected them to power. The people have democratically blessed them, once again in the panchayat elections and lent moral support for all that they are doing. I think it is insane to talk of development, progress and prosperity of the people and nation at a time when every third person is neck deep into corruption eating vitals of our country's economy – when crickers are willing to be purchased like gladiators and thereby reminding of slavery of sorts of the past – when people in media work like power-brokers – when the voter is ready to sell his valuable vote for just Rs.100/- and hand over his future for a period of five years into the hands of "patriots" occupying state legislaturs and parliament since long.

  3. No projects started by Govt takes shape… Private companies chose thier own places to set up their facilities, this is just another formality done by the govt to show development(those It parks will been seen vacant all the time).
    In no time will companies will start setting up their facilities in Belgaum..
    all we need to be is patient!

  4. how many of you here are ready to fight for this?????
    how many i count on here??????
    Uday mama, we will make some effort here to pressurize the government?….are we ready? or are we still going to be blogging on our computer screens?


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