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Suvarna Vahini buses launched


Ten Suvarna Vahini buses with the VKS logo were flagged of by the Minister for Agriculture Umesh Katti and others. In all 30 buses were asked by the administration and another 20 buses are stated to be coming to the city in the next couple of days. It may be recalled that the District administration had demanded 30 VOLVO buses but it seems, city only got regular Tata Buses.

These are Tata Buses

Work is in full progress for the VKS and most of the work is incomplete and how the deadline would be met is yet to be seen.


Some glimpses of the stage decor etc.

Stage as seen from one angle

Th Main stage would look something like this
Arch at Lele ground. Such arches will be put up at all venues




  1. Any update about the new buses whether they are going to remain in belgavi or go back. if yes to what routes these buses will be operated.

  2. Uday Please Pass on this message to the Administration:
    "we are ready to pay the fare for volvo buses to commute around the city, please get them"

  3. All the best for Sahitya Samellan ( I am a Marathi). Hope people get to buy good kannad books, poems, literature, picures, paintings rather than junk of "POLITICS".

    • Hey Jimy,

      If all Kannada and Marathi people join together then this event will be smooth and successful.
      Request both Kannada and Marathi brothers works for Belgaum as it is hometown / native place / janma bhoomi / karmaboomi for number of people rather then fighting ourselves for regional boundary line (Kar or Mah).

    • hello boss, u r great since u are broadminded, if all our marathis like u Belgaum would have grown much higher

  4. Dear Uday,
    Will there be more flights from Belgaum Airport during the Vishwa Kannada Samelan with bigger Aircrafts.Furthur I request yiu to kindly post a picture of the commercial Aircraft parked at Belgaum AIrport ,which will be a delight for my other Belgaum Collegues at Mozambique.

  5. Thanks Uday Really Nice………………….. ! And Uday please add daily VKS updated Pics if possible.

  6. What kind of buses are these? Don't take me wrong, my question is, how does these suvarna vahini look like? An AC coach or a normal ones like Vayavya Sarige? Any pics of these Uday? I would appreciate it…

    • Always Belgaum was getting old buses used from Hubli and Banglaore Depot… this time only Belgaum has received NEW buses..
      thx for govt…

  7. SUPERB…………

    great pictures and planning. hope to see all this in reality ..

    But uday

    Where are the volvos ?
    u written in the previous article that 30 volvos are coming, where are those ?

      • but we are happy with what we got Mr Praveen

        30 volvo buses assured were just for a month, where as we got 50 new buses(May be tata ) which are permenent to the city and will in belgaum for ever…

        Karnataka govt is not like the bullshit & dumb maharashtra govt.

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