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Khoka owners demand in writing

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The Khoka owners from various parts of the city gathered at Chennamma Circle on Tuesday and wanted to meet the DC with their demands. There was heavy police presence at the spot.

The DC did not come to meet the khoka owners but eventually she came and the Khoka owners demanded that she give in writing that after the VKS is over on 15 March all would be rehabilitated as it was discussed in the meet held at Kalamandir by District incharge minister Umesh Katti.morcha1

morchaThey also demanded adequate compensation and action against the officials who carried out the action.

Khokas were still being removed from various parts of the city even yesterday. The Khoka owners again have said that they would for three days for a reply from the DC or else they would be forced to severe actions during the VKS event which could also include calling a Bandh.


29 thoughts on “Khoka owners demand in writing”

    • Not sure but it seems policies of kar-natak govt' forces them to own one. No freedom to study,practice, follow and nurture their language and culture.

      The ultimate motto of Kar-natak Govt "MAKE IT OR BREAK IT".

      • So Maa-Haraashtrian …

        Lets take it as a “break it” for u ,,,
        now tell us

        what can u do ?

        We can see/feel your flustration here …

      • again do not write comments for the sake of wrting, who tells no freedom have ever been in belgaum??? their culture is in much better condition than in their own state

        • can you put some light on your statement pertaining to "much better condition"????

          I am not insane to comment here recklessly. Just move out of the city limits and look at the problems faced by the people. Just tell me whether "Govt is for, by & of the People" or "People are for the Govt'. Public administration is for betterment of its citizen, but what we see here is govt itself is imposing one particular language and culture on people whether they like it or dont. To quote few example,
          1. changing the name of the City – There was actually no need to doing so, even the central Govt/Supreme Court had objected to it, but still the administration is busy kannadaising the city. Renaming Central Bus Stand, Civil Hospital, kholapur Circle, Road side symbols, Fort, Bus Name Plates etc……..
          2. Is it unlawful to demand the legal and utility documents (land Records, Certificates, Bills etc) in native language. Few of which were provided in native language are being stopped.
          3. Look at the school syllabus and question papers set by the dept of Marathi Subject, they are full of errors. Most of the time these errors are committed intentionally. Is this you call a better condition.
          4. Some years back the results of B.ed (Marathi Section) was declared 0%. Is this imaginable in belgaum which is termed as Educational hub.
          5. A few years back a resolution was passed unanimously but what did we got the municipal corporation got dissolved the mayor got humiliated
          This is the endless story. There are so much such problems to quote but whenever we try to raise the voice we are termed as anti-development.

          • how conditions are better in karnataka see below
            Some Stats:
            there were 225 Kannada schools in 131 villages surrounding Akkalakote in Maharashtra
            Now declined to 68.
            one teacher was kept in charge of five schools
            No books have been made available for Kannada medium students of PUC and B Ed
            Not a single Marathi school had been closed in Karnataka after the reformation of States
            332 Marathi and 274 Kannada government schools in Belgaum (rural) and Khanapur taluks have 1,713 and 1,358 teachers
            there is one Kannada teacher for 31 students, there is one Marathi teacher for just 22 students.

            So you should be grateful to kanndigas for this and open your heart and accept that kannadigas are part of belgaum form time Im-Memorable and Belgaum is part of karnataka

          • @vinod you seems to be from educational background.

            As far as above given stats are concerned, you better know the status of Education Department in Karnataka (SSLC & PUC). Be it Marathi, Kannada, English or Urdu medium ; it hardly manages to cross minimum passing percentage(state level). So your statistic don't hold good to justify your statement. Also your facts too justify the demand of Marathi Speaking population of Disputed Area to go with Maharashtra. it clearly states that Marathi speaking community are in large and thus our basic demands should be fulfilled. Also, look at the problems of the Marathi medium teacher & Office Staff, they need to learn & Teach in one language & maintain & communicate the records in another language. Don't you feel pity on them????

            As far as Akkalkot, solapur or any village or town in MH have got a problem with Govt/administration, its quite simple – Raise your voice against the Administration and seek justice.

            One more thing Mr.Vinod, we need not have to be grateful to anybody. i believe we live in a democracy and not at the mercy of any govt/political party. so better weigh your words before using it.
            Ours are not luxury demands, we are fighting to seek solutions to our routine basic problem.

            Let me clear one more thing – I am here not representing any political party motivated thoughts, i am here representing the common man out their facing the earlier said problems.

          • my facts donot justify demand of marathi speaking area going to maharastra. they speak of the equal opprountiy given for the growth of marathi laugauge in karnataka.

            this is not the case in your M….

            why feel pity on school teachers or staff if they not able to learn just one more language as you said we are living in democracy.
            even our national langauge hindi was not common to whole of india during independance but pepole learnt it.
            So no reasons for pity here!!! and all your routine problems of office adminstration will be solved

            so d'not be grateful but try to learn that belgaum is just not of one langauge and respect it

      • khokha gaya to kya hua tere paas "maa" hai, ma- rastra.
        you can always go back to ma-rastra to pursue ur freedom to study,practice, follow and nurture ur language and culture.

        • Absolutely Right pali,,,,,,,,,,,,Its the womb of the "MOTHER" that gives the ultimate peace, feeds its children no matter what the situation is. But this Dramebazz, i mean KAR-NATAK govt not letting us free to be part of MAHARASTRA to pursue our freedom to study,practice, follow and nurture ur language and culture.

          @pali you are a saint, what a wonderful thought …"MAA-RASTRA". our Mother Land……..

  1. They don't want to remove khokha's they want to play politics by removing marathi people as they know maximum marathi people own those khokha's and if they wanted to develop it ,they would have done this early and would made some arrangement for this people ,they just wanted some reason (f…k……)……

      • they are not ony the khoka owners they are the victims of border dispute

        the kannada government wants to show their power in belgaum so they are doing samelana in belgaum……..

        they can do it in other cities but y they want belgaum only…..

    • dont write anything that comes to mind

      just look into the other news also, where its mentioned that all the khokawaala's are getting permenent shops…

      U people have a mentality of that type, which cannot be erased, as Vinod said " stop politicising the developmental works now"

      Look into the positives that happening

      • wat kind of developing you are doing …..

        you are killing the poor peoples ….

        I know the khoka owners are getting permanent shops but after 6 months so what work they should do till that tym…….

        and if you want development then shoot all poor peoples so only rich can live in your so called developed city…….

        wat is the use of doing samelana in so grand manner, government can use the same fund to develop industries in belgaum …. these people dont want that because they know that maximum number of marathi peoples live in belgaum and they marathi peoples will be benefited by development

        • I think you are showing so much flustration against the Sammelana here …

          If you are so much concerned about those poor give them shelter for next six months,,, try to bring changes from your hand…


          wait for next six months shutting your mouth, they will get settled permenently..

          also keep yourself updated

          Khokas are removed to just make the city clean/look beutiful untill sammelana is over … then after they will be restored … read TOI on daily basis,,

          I know the short tempers like u who shout un necessorily …

          Look into the part of development and positives …

  2. Why so much halla gulla about kannada kannada? Where kannada stands at global world? Those all who are fighting for kannada, their kids go to english medium. i think only two languages must exist one global language english and national language Hindi. these are more than enough to communicate. Ruining the life of khokawalas is not the way to proud about kannada. Till now why the authority`s have slept or what? When they know these shops are illigal, they should have given notice long back, why now? Eating bribe and allowing anything to do in city…. Poor shop keepers they paid bribe till now and and dont have shop.

  3. when Khoka's are said illegal then why they making so much noise ????

    even after that Govt is doing for them in the form of permanent shop is not enough for them.

    For business purpose English is okay (where exactly it is needed ) not for everything . It's very difficult to adopt foreign culture and giving up our rich culture.

    English humare liye hai na ke hum English ke liye…

    So request you all please don't make this Khoka issue political instead fight for getting it's benefits like permanent shops that could help them….

  4. This is all rubbish ….. the khokhas were illegal and the owners of the khokha also knew the fact. Its the fact that they did not act and everytime tried to bribe the officials. On the other hand, the officials too accepted the bribe frequently and it went to this extent that the khokha walas were giving bribe every month in the form of rent to a person from Belgaum. This is a known fact but no one wants to talk about that. This is nothing to do with MES or Kannada, this is that a stringent action takers and to certain extent loyal officers are there on the chair now, so it has come to light.
    The khokha owners knew the fact that their shops were going to go one day or the other but just were avoiding to take necessary action from their end to face the issue. As the officials had plenty of time in the past to remove the khokhas, in the simillar lines, the khokha valas also had sufficient time to re-establish their business in a legal manner.
    They failed to do so, and the officials also failed to keep the bribe taking policy along …..
    So, despite of the fact mentioned above, the khokha valas should be given proper compensation and alternatives for theis shops.

    • This all circus is not the so called development rather they are licking the shoes of few rich and influential people and making them the way to park their LAURA, SWIFT DESIRE, BENZ, HONDA CITY ETC.

  5. The decisions taken by govt. are right. This is foundation stone of belgaum. During KVS we are expecting ppl from around the world to visit Belgaum, which is giving more scope or direction towards belgaums own development & more investment interms of industrialisation. Which will help ultimately to every1 in belgaum to create more job opprtunities and more development.

    Khokas were totally installed il-legally with bribe to officials. They were not paying any tax for owning in it and even after earning considerable amount of money. Take an exm. of khokas near Rlwy. First gate, every1 was good amount of money but no body wants to pay back it to the govt as tax to provide good infrastructure in the cities. Khokas belonging to poor has definately affected the poor people but govt has to take stand this time or some time and take appropriate decision which is applicable to all. Here i feel there is no descrimination of kannadigas or marathis. Its affected to every1.

    Lets STOP fighting with in us and wish towards better development of our own Belgaum. Think wisely..

  6. My question to all the readers here. how come administration is able to gather such a large manpower, funds, time & resources for this devastation ("I mean to say development").
    the Admin which use to always cry for lack of funds and resources whenever questions were raised pertaining to public sanitation, infrastructure, social amenities.

    Is this the only way left i.e. samelanas, CM / PM / Minister's visits to undertake "development works"?????

  7. I think administration have heard it wrong the very old popular saying ""गरीभी हटाओ"" as "गरिभों को हटाओ"

  8. At last this is done this would have done long back, anyways & why are they getting free shops now instead they should have been charged for using government land. there will be atleast less congestion because they capture in rush heavy traffic ares only they never get settled in open free spaces.

  9. Hello guys by ur comments i can say that all r quite young, So i just request u all to stop talking like old generation ppls and political leaders. Just think how we can improve our country(not only our city or state). British ppl used weakness of our kings (who all use to fight in-between, by only keeping der kingdom in der mind) and now politicians using the misunderstandings between the


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