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Narayana Murthy to open VKS

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N.R. Narayana Murthy founder Chairman of Infosys Technologies will inaugurate the three day mega event of Vishwa Kannada Sammelana. This was announced by District incharge minister Umesh Katti today. Union Minister for External Affairs S.M. Krishna and Union Minister for Labour and Employment Mallikarjun Kharge will be also present at the inaugural function.

Govt. is likely to issue an order to exempt toll tax on vehicles entering Karnataka from March 11 to 13.

Pre university colleges ,Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges and Rani Chennamma University in Belgaum District will most likely have holidays on 10, 11 and 12 of March 2011, to enable students to attend the meet and use the colleges, hostels etc for accommodation purposes of the guests coming in for the event.

The govt. is also thinking of declaring a public holiday on those days so that more and more people could attend the VKS.


12 thoughts on “Narayana Murthy to open VKS”

  1. I think it is good idea to invite Narayana Murthy.. But Belgaumites should expect Infosys also be in Belgaum so that the city can become IT hub other than Bangalore. Once Infosys comes to Belgaum, It's obvious that other competetors like Wipro, TCS will also think…

  2. Hi AAB,

    Please post the complete three days event menu for the VKS. So that people can plan accordingly to attend their interested event.
    I heard that there is industrial investment meet is the part of the event is it true? If this is true then this is going to be good news for Belgaum to attract some NRI investments in and around Belgaum.
    In my personal view, investment will directly impact speedy developments of neglected North karnatka region.

  3. @Mahesh & Anita: This is going to be a political extravaganza by the BJP, this is more of a cultural meet and not a businessparliamnet session where they will discuss investments etc… Well! If they do, good for US.

  4. What about Construction of Flyovers at Old Dharwad Road Railway Gate,III Rly Gate,Chennamma Circle,Station Circle,Kolhapur Circle?

  5. Its nothing Great!!!!
    Mr. Murty was in London and reluctantly agreed to be a part of the programme(but agreed somehow),
    He is busy giving guest lectures which give him more money than attending an INDIAN programme…
    Culture and Diversity, is also wieghed in terms of importance regarding everything else these days 🙂
    No IT will come into Belgaum untill We Belgaumites unite and go for it, It is the time we take up the issue and start by ourselves, Thats what he did 🙂

    • Why all of you are so much excited? I do not understand. Because Mr.Murthy and his group are pure merchants. They are interested in high value land at cheap rate from govt. to develop their business and later they can sell it like so many sick industries have sold or built malls and housing complexs to sell at higher rate. They have opened their centres in Hyderabad, Mysore, and other capital cities and even in other countries not a small office in their native place Hubli-Dharwad. Inspite of his wifes social activities and heart melting stories what is their contribution to Hubli-Dharwad? They are aoll selfish Finally they will ask their mother,father & and state, what is their contribution in the development of Infosys, it is all because of the groups brain and stratagy they have succeded We are all fools to feel proud about the group that they belong to HubliDharwad, they you Belgaumites feel that they can do any good to Belgaum? forget- if Mr Murthy has self respect he should not inaugurate World Kannada Conference.

  6. in the event of kanada meet in belgaum you find find dusty envirement all over due to road constriction
    road blockages every where as people are going to suffer with respairatory health probleum in comming days no doubt devlopment should be done but at what cost ,there should be some planning behind this if you complete the six month work in only eight days how we will get the good quality of work ,how many days it will last end of the day it is the public money is spent ,we welcome the kannada meet but there should be some firm planning when you devlop the city it should of good quality work but now we are doing it to make happy some people (guest) for three days only

    end of the in the name devlopment who gets the benefit is the common people or anybody else

  7. expences of vks is 30 cores govt sanctinoned depsite of this basically the all regional langgaueges are remain poor only as maximum poor people only speak regional langguages & they keep mother tongue live. as rich people speak max use of english langguage so whom this expences are if you really want
    spend money for good cause then do the below work
    1)make admission to education easy
    2)make free education for all any langguage
    3)make devlopment of kanada,marathi ,any other langguage school,collages
    4)make free food for child in any school
    5)provide easy supply of essential food,water, electicity for al
    6)give good salary for nursury,primary teachers so they should able to educate our childrens
    7)if you realy want to devlop the mother tongu languuage do good things for it

    instead we are wasteing money for guest as they dont have capacity for making arrangement for their
    own food,lodge, use this money for betterment of belgaum people,make kanada marathi culture give & take so people know each other culture ,languuage ,invite other languaages to glow

    then only we say vks is suceesful as world is watching ,make world to to invite ,dont invite world
    to watch then only we salute vks

    thanks AAB as it has given US good platform to show our feelings

  8. Hello..dont think too smartly k?? Its not conductd yearly or once in 5 yrs,last time it was in mysore,25 years back..and ur self bcoming ful smart and giving list of sugestions as if ur the one techy here..tamma,ninnu 7 points nin muklivalag itkond kood,aytu….


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