Permanent shops to khokawalas


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In a meet held at Kalamandir today, district in charge minister Umesh Katti said that all the genuine khoka owners whose shops had been brought down during the recent demolition drive will get new permanent shops and the same would be leased out for 5 years.

The new shops will be most probably built near Sai Mandir, 2nd gate, 3rd gate,  Nehru Nagar & MM extension areas.

Wealth creation

The foundation for those shops will be laid by March 16 and within 6 months the construction will be completed.

Kalamandir was packed with people who had lost their lively hood. The administration had to convene this meet as the Khoka owners had called for a 3 day Bandh during the days of the Sammelana.

DC Ekorop Caur, SP Sandeep Patil, MLA Feroz Sait & Abhay Patil were present.


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