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Will the Autos be belled

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Belgaum city is now on the verge of a new identity. Dividers (where they were not there), bigger ones where they existed, new roads, some widening of roads at circles and roads like Khanapur road from Sanchayani circle to Gogte circle. Illegal khokas removed from most parts of the city. The walls being painted with scenic beauty.

The accommodation committee estimates that about 15000 people would need accommodation during the 3 days of the mega event and about 45000 to 50000 people are estimated to visit Belgaum from various places during the event days to Belgaum.

But the question arising now is all these 50000 odd people coming to the city will need to use the Autos and the Autos of Belgaum are famous for not going according to meters. In the past various attempts have been made so that autos run on meters but those were not successful.

Now citing this huge inflow of people and the vents being held at different locations, will the administration also look into this and see that the Autos are run on meters and not the way the Auto drivers feel.

Each time one wants to use and auto the first question each commuter asks before sitting is “Kitna Lega”. As once you travel and reach your destination you could be shocked. Now the minimum fare charged is Rs.20 by default. But actually how much is it, no one knows.

The district administration is cleaning up the city and if the Auto drivers are belled this time all the visitors to the city will be happy. Most visitors would be from Bangalore etc and they are used to paying fares by Meters but when they land in here they will surely face a shock.

So is the administration ready to “bell the Auto walas” so that the fare decided by the authorities which is fair is charged. Keep fingers crossed.



10 thoughts on “Will the Autos be belled”

  1. I think autos should have meters! coz its really surprising when u ask an autowalla from bus stand for Maruti Galli, he would easily say….50 Rupaya!!!

  2. The fault lies with us (commutaters). If we are firm and rebellious the autorickshaw drivers will not dictate terms.The autorickshaw drivers do know the commutaters weak point ie :- Urgency.The only solution to this a good public transport system and in addition to this there is another thing who has the time to go for litigation.

    • @ Ram
      Autos can be made to accept the fair charge by agreement with the trade union and the citizens forum ( there are many in our city).They can fix the rate from all the autostand to the suburbs. All the rates has to be on the display in the auto.
      Above can be tried during the WKS and local law enfocement police has to come in to implement the same.

  3. Hope the Authorities do something about this, Its high Time, I dont even remember when i saw a working meter in any of the autos in Belgaum. SHAME

  4. administration takes action against those who are weak, dont have political support… that is main work doing by administration……

  5. Development is must demolition of unwanted khokas n structure to develop d city its must if city develop then the economy of d city automatically develop for better feature of belgaumites its to co operate all d belgaumites

  6. hire rate of distances must be made available on sms service if the technology is viable…. also a chart of distances and fare can be provided on the website or local newspaper on the days during which vks gonna be held


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