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Work in Progress

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“Work in Progress” this is what Belgaum feels today. Everywhere there is some kind of work going on in view of the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana.

Of the 625 Khokas (small Shops on road side) 310 have been removed from various parts of the city and the remaining will also be removed within 3 days.

All the Khokas on the Sai Mandir road at First gate, Sadashiv Nagar, Nehru Nagar have been removed.

Towards Sai Mandir All small shops removed.

Roads are being re carpeted, road medians are being built, Bus shelters are being painted.

All want the work to be done before the deadline.

Dividers being made on Gogte to Sanchayni Cricle
road being made near Fort lake

Ashoka Circle is being widened and work will be done during the night as there is heavy traffic, the small canteen at the corner (near the IB) was also ordered to be removed but as it comes under the Cantonment, there is some delay.

In the preparatory meet held for the VKS the progress of various works was seen and the officials were asked to expedite their work and work 24×7 and finish the work.

Preparatory meet

City will be getting 30 Volvo buses, not new ones but old ones from Bangalore. The Sandalwood actors/actress will also grace the occasion with their troupe at the VKS.

Schools/Colleges/hostels are being cleaned, toilets rebuilt/cleaned for the guests to stay during their visit here.

The fort lake is getting ready with landscaping, new games, Floating hotel and the walk way is also being repaired.

Floating Hotel getting ready at Fort lake

But no one is looking at the Fort and its walls, as it comes under the Cantonment.

RPD college road after road widening only chipping is being put over bolders, hopefully they put asphalt as well.

The works are being done in a haste as the deadline is nearing and hence the quality of work will not be there, said a elderly person to this blog. He also added what is being done is good but if properly done Belgaum would look more beautiful.

11 thoughts on “Work in Progress”

  1. whatever might be the reason but this government atleast is doing some devolopment work which is to bee seen by every 1 in last year or so

  2. yet lots work to be done before dead line hope they keep quality 🙁
    nways All the best Guys awaiting for this event almost 2years past now

  3. Great work ,,,

    but for VKS , the work that happened till now is just 10% ,,, still lot more to go ,,, hope everything happens well before the time ..

  4. Hello Belgaumites,
    Are you mad and believe in this short term solution e.g repairing, painting roads for VKS2011. A Roadmap for Belgaum future has to be drawn without involving so called Corrput leaders names and organisation you know.

    Make Belagum our VENUGRAM a liveable, safe, friendly, dyamic city which become a model of India.

    A Belgaumite

  5. Guys…

    Have you seen the VKS invitation add in national media ?

    Just check in IBN live and other channels, state goverment is inviting the citizens of whole India and foreign nationals and NRI’s through electronic media advertisement in national , internatinal and local media,,,

    Proud to see the add and pictures of Belgaum in such adds …

    Be present and make the event successful guys ,,,

    • Yes it will come only on IBN live and all Kannada Channels
      Even papers other than Kannada like Tamil, Telgugu, Marathi and english papers in TN, AP, Maharashra will also see some ads.

  6. Great Job , We need such events to happen every year. But nobody is bothered about the real problem. Widening of first and second gate is very important. A larger circle is required near station by demolishing the corner building. They have cleaned poor peoples shops at first gate and they have not dared to touch dalvi shop which also has to be removed. Widening of deshmukh road is not done because there are some big peoples house there. this is not fair

  7. good job. It could be better if the work started before 2 months. The quality of work is not as good as expense. But nobody is bothered about the real problem at other area. Widening of road near nath pai circle to vadagaon is a must. The road very conjusted. there should not be any reason to clean the city. it should be continuous process. Anyway all the best ……..


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