Work on Shiv Shrusthi at Shivaji Garden begins

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The work on Shiv Shrusthi – to depict the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at the Shivaji Garden in Shahpur has begun. Rs.47,69,000 would be spent for the construction of 58 fiber soldiers and Fibre Murals and Megh Dambari which will showcase the life of the great king.shivajigarden1 

The work is estimated to be completed in 5 months at Shivaji Garden Shahpur. The 58 fiber soldiers would be mixture of clay models of Shadu type with the help of materials like steel angles and all models would be of 6 feet height. Fiber murals would be of the size 7 feet by 15 feet and there will be 15 of them in the Shiv Shrusti. The main Megh Dambari would be of 10 feet height. 

This is how it is expected to look after completion

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