In Auto walon ka kya karen

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In Auto walon ka kya karen” said Anvith when he spoke to us about the fares demanded by the Auto.

Reliance Fresh on Khanapur Road to Sarvodaya Marg, Hindwadi which is almost 1km, the auto guy asked Rs. 45.
See the conversation :

Reliance Fresh to Sarvodaya Marg, Hindwadi ~= 1km.
Me: AUTO!! (Auto guy turns around and comes this side of road.)
Auto Guy : Kidhar Jaana Hai?
Me: Hindwadi, Sukhsagar Aptmt.
Auto Guy : Baitho.

Me: kitna Loge?
Auto Guy : Kitne log? (I was with my mom)
Me : Sirf mom.
Auto Guy: 45/- Rs.
Me: Paagal ho kya? 1 km bhi nahi hai. Minimum charge lagega. 25 Rupees me chalo.
Auto Guy: Aane ke hai to aao. Khali phokat time waste kiya. (Throws auto into gear and zooms off)

The above was posted in Belgaum Mein Auto ka Meter Down karo Facebook Group.

Many things have changed in the city in the past but the fares charged and the attitude of the Auto wallahs has never changed, says Prasad.

The “AUTO-cratic” rule in Belgaum seems to be never ending. People who once traveled with their parents and who now travel with their grandsons always have a fear of sitting in an auto in Belgaum, because you never know what you will be charged.
Autos in Belgaum will charge by meter; this is a dream citizens are dreaming of from decades now. The DC Anubukumar surprisingly in August 2012 in a meeting said that “autos should charge by meter and that the FARE would be fixed in the time to come.” But till date nothing has happened.

In our story DC assures of fixing auto fares, we had mentioned “But dont get carried away, the DC said he would fix the fares and when this would be done is not stated.”

Many have complained that this happens even in other cities. But here in case of Belgaum the MINIMUM FARE now fixed by Auto Wallahs is Rs.30.auto1

Look at this:

Congress Well Shivaji Colony to Military Mahdev Mandir Auto fare: Rs.30 on the return journey Rs.40.
The auto fellow argument at Congress well; for railway Station we take Rs.50 so pay me Rs.30.

Not one elected representative has taken this matter seriously even once and tried to solve this matter which is of utmost public importance.
The Auto fellows will have a lot to say, but if each one follows the rule of the land even they are bound to do so. There are atleast 5000 autos plying on the roads without permit and many dont even have licenses. Who is responsible if an untoward incident happens?

We all should do something for this issue, in the past we have raised this issue a hundred times but with no effect.

Now we should all plan for something online and offline as well.

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6 thoughts on “In Auto walon ka kya karen”

  1. These autowalas are really too much. Like in Bangalore even in Belgaum also there should be One Association which will monitor these autos and fare should be fixed per KM and Prepaid auto service should start in Central Bus Stand and Railway station. When these politicians will understand the frustration of public? huh!!

  2. Mr Ambukumar need some stiffness in his spine like SP Sandeep Patil, Madam Mary can do something , our elected representatives worth for nothing , Auto guys, Let God bless Belgaumites,

  3. I have decided never to use autos in Belgaum… last time an autodriver started demanding more money after we reached the destination than we had settled on before boarding. He started swearing and even I gave mouthful… but definitely not a good experience visiting Bgm for my wedding preparation and was visiting after several months…


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