Spicejet commences flights from Belgaum to Bangalore

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The morning of November 21 in India saw the hanging of Kasab and the morning of November 22, Belgaum is back on the aviation map of the world. 

Spicejet which commenced its operations to Bangalore from here was very well received.

About 27 people landed on Sambra airport at 0830 and 28 flew to Bangalore at 0850.

The flight on day one was on time and the new terminal was abuzz with activity after January 10, 2011 when KF stopped its flight from here.
The flight SG3302 Belgaum to Bangalore will depart from Belgaum at 0850 and arrive at 0935.

The Bangalore to Belgaum flight SG3301 will depart from Bangalore at 0740 and reach Belgaum at 0830.

The biggest concern on such small routes has always been the occupancy rates and with this 78 seater Bombraider Q400 plane Belgaum now can boast of a working airport.
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Time line:

1942- The Royal Air Force (RAF) established its base at Sambra

1947- Indian Airlines commenced its operations from here

1989- Private airline operators given permission

1989-93- Vayudoot Private carrier flew from here

1993-95- East West Airways Also took off from here

1994-96- NEPC Commenced its operations

1997-98- Span Airways

1998-99- Gujrat Airways

2003-09- Air Deccan (Kingfisher Red)

Night landing facility available with Popy lights and Dopler war.

Runway is 1432 metres in length and 43 meter wide



10 thoughts on “Spicejet commences flights from Belgaum to Bangalore”

  1. The load factor is better on the Belgaum – Mumbai Route . The Flight services on the Belgaum-Mumbai-Delhi sector is the need of the hour.The load factor on the existing Belgaum- Bangalore route may improve after a few months.

  2. Great to hear this. Hopefully the regular flights are here to stay.
    A flight to Mumbai is much sought after as it then connects upwards north.

    • Yes pathetic load factor , because not only Govt offices are moved to hHubli dharwad , but some business establishment are confined till hubli dharwad, had it been Mumbai Bangalore your comments would’nt have been posted on this site

      • Mumbai Bangalore ?? or Mumbai Belgaum ??… Hey even I too would like to see my Belgaum city grow…..I too hope this flight service continues…. Hope this brings some investment into Belgaum region …..But yes, need a Mumbai – Belgaum flight as well !!

    • I suggest Sambra Airport should house a private chartered service for custom/personalized destinations (Keeping load factor in mind) viz pune, kholapur, chennai, delhi, mangalore etc.


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