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World Agnihotra day celebrated

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The World Agnihotra day was celebrated by conducting an awareness programme for the benefit of the citizens. Dr.Pramod Basarkar enlightened the gathering with the procedure & effects of Agnihotra

Dr.Basarkar – in his speech emphasized the importance of Agnihotra in daily life & appealed to the gathering to practice, experience & spread the word to many, as it is the need of the time if we want to overcome the ill effects of environmental degradation. He said  “The smoke emits from these six items is excellent like those from all other YAJNAS and YAGAS. And this is also proven that places where Agnihotra is performed on a regular basis those places are free from any diseases. The life of human friendly, plant friendly, bacteria and microbes are encouraged and those creatures which are not beneficial are either destroyed or are made to run away to a far of place. Due to emission of positive energy the nature becomes clean and clear.”agnihotra

Later a video clipping was shown as to how it is followed in India & World Over. Also the proven results of Agnihotra medicine in Agriculture and individual life were shared.

Mr. Mahesh Durdi of Rabkavi, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav of Aadhar Foundation & Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai of Belgaum shared their experiences of Agnihotra.   “Everyone said one thing in common is – “Apart from the environmental pollution it has helped them clear mental pollution & thus have a stable mindset & have clarity of thought”

A question answer session was then organized to clear the doubts of the participants.

Agnihotra was then performed in a group at the local Sunset time.

A excerpt was then released at the hands of Mr. Manohar Watwe, which highlighted the vision of Expert Engineering to convert A Factory in to A” Work Temple”.

Apart from the workers and staff of Expert Engineering, Mr. Satish Nilajkar, Mr. Tejasvi Naik, Mr. Vinay Jathar, Mr. Venkatesh Patil, Mr. Sudhir Darekar, Mrs. Alka Kulkarni, their family members, Children from Aadhar Foundation & other citizens were present & participated in the event.

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