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Nothing but a Fare hike in the Railway budget


The railway budget presented today by the Railways minister Mr.Trivedi has give Belgaumites nothing but FARE HIKEs and the Hyderabad-Kolhapur train will now run on all seven days.

In the list of 84 New Line Projects sent to Planning Commission for appraisal; the Dharwad-Belgaum line route has been sent for approval.


Londa-Miraj-Pune including Miraj – Kolhapur route would be surveyed for new Railway Electrification.

Bangalore-Tumkur-Hubli-Londa-Vasco da Gama (including Birur-Talguppa) also sanctioned for Railway Electrification Surveys in 2012-13.

Bagalkot-Kudachi will be executed with State Cooperation.

Rail link to connect Dandeli to Hubli-Ankola Line would be surveyed in 2012-13 .

17003/17004 Hyderabad-Kolhapur Express will now run on all 7 days currently it was running only on 2 days.

General Fare Hike:

Passenger fares increased by 2 paise per km ordinary second class

3 paise per km for mail/express second class

5 paise per km for sleeper class
10 paise per km for AC Chair Car, AC 3 tier & First Class
15 paise per km for AC 2 tier
30 paise per km for AC I.

Fares to be rounded off to the next nearest five rupees.

Minimum fare and platform tickets to cost Rs.5.



  1. Any way ,Since Mr.Dinesh Trivedi is forced to resign? If Mukul Roy becomes Railway Minister, before passing the Railway Budget in the Parliament ,Our Hon.Minister Shri .K.H.Muniyappa , can do something for North Karnataka Region , Since ,Chalukya Express is extended to Pondichery ,and Solapur Yeshvantpur (via Gulbarga) train will be strated soon, Udyan Express can be diverted via Miraj and Hubli. Convey this message to Hon.MPS’S also

  2. New MLA’s are making properties to secure their grand children future, MP’s as usual are not bothered as it makes no difference to them, one in making hospital, one in making colleges , new society and one in making and expanding sugar factory, and we all in hopes for nothing! All is a gimmick! all Govt’s. Also Belgaum will remain as it is for 100 years from now, only Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli will grow and have opportunities, there.. Kolhapur and all will grow.. all cities.. apart from Belgaum (Hubli, Kolhapur) have tonnes of trains connecting many junctions.. We have just one thing left, requests and requests to the GOVT’s.

  3. What are our MLA’s & MP doing. It seems that they are not interested in the development of Belgaum.

    • Dear Shivanand
      Our MP’s and MLA’s only wake up after the budget and just call the media to show how disppointed they are….crap!!! just want publicity for that too for wrong reasons

  4. Happy that at least Belgaum – Dharawad lane sent for approval… 🙂

    I think MLA’s and MP’s dont read this blog,,, otherwise they would have digged thier face upside down in mud looking at Belgaumites spitting comments…

    Innondishtu ugirappa ivar mukhakke ….

    There are nothing but waste ….

    • Hi Mahantesh , though it is sent for approval the project is on cost sharing basis of 50:50, but our state govt had only done survey the can atleast start the ground work on Belgaum station and Kitur station and bridge in Bellary Nullah and Mallaprabha river , other projects were done on behest of MP and MLA where in our guys (MP and MLA) are fast asleep in expiditing such initiatives …so wait for another ten years now for this lien to be reality,

  5. What more can we expect?
    Belgaum has 3 MP’s
    Two busy in their business and colleges and societies, one in sugar factory..
    No common man MP..
    Britishers admired and gave importance to Belgaum than our politicians.

  6. Our MLA’s were busy in organising cricket matches and Holi celebrations to entertain the people of Belgaum and make some fame. We should understand how and where had they time to think of a rail project or rail line or demand for New train. Not a single letter or approach to the railways for Belgaum.
    Well as expected by this rail budget. Nothing new in this budget as well. Rise in fare hike was expected (after 10 years),understandable may be, now that you have hiked the passenger fare at least maintain the trains more neat and clean. Give better service to people travelling. I think at least the Dwd-Bgm straight line should be taken up. The distance between these two cities is 75 km of which about 10 km track coming towards Bgm is already parallel to NH4 that makes it 65 km and if seriously taken up it can be completed in just about a years time or so. But who wants to do it ?
    As this Dwd-Bgm line is sent for approval. Would it get approved and how much time would it take to get approved and then how much time to implement the same. God save people of Belgaum.
    Till all this happens merry-go-round and round and round.

  7. Who cares for Belgaum. We including our politicians are busy in silly problems like border issue. Language issue, etc. Dont hv time to look in other imp. issues like TRAIN and PLANE services to Belgaum. Industrial sez, development in ind. areas etc. So who will forward expectations of Belgaumites in such budgets of state or central govt. So i think it is invain or wasting of ur precious time in such a huge expections for our beloved Unlucky BELGAUM.

  8. whatever it may be, Railway is the peoples dearer transport system and the governements are forgetting its development.iresponsible officers are the capital of our railway system now.one of the main health problem creater is Railway as they made toilet from Kasmeer to Kanyakumari and coinside we send our own make rocket to moon.Our ministers are traveling by Air but we have to travel like a snail in this 1900 British aged vehicle having the speed of 50-55 KM .the time is crossed the governementt for ruling railway .let pvt firms rules the railway like Govt given telecom to private so that infrastructure,speed of the train, everythinknk will be changed immediately freight also will get reduced if helthy competition take place.Get lost the budget

  9. This was sure expected outcome, who care for Belgaum not the local elected representatives, survey have been completed but no further progress after that no budgets for surveyed sanctioned projects, electrificaion will be dream, Belgaum being a divisional headquarter barely have two passanger trains running up to Miraj,


  11. its on expected line did not hope for anything to belgaum. unless we get railway minister from belgaum we will not get any trains and should not expect anything in near furture and the survey and electrification will take years and years to complete

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