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Dont collect donations excess fees

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Deputy Commissioner V. Anbukkumar has warned the managements of private schools against collecting excess fees or donation at the time of admission and has put forth a timetable for the admission process due to begin next month.

Many parents had complained that private schools take anywhere between Rs.10,000 to one lakh as donations.

Schedule of the forthcoming academic year 2012-13:

April 10 – display along with details of the number of seats available in each class.

April 20 and 30 – distribution of forms

April 30 – last date of receipt of forms

May 3 – display merit list of students along with the list of rejected candidates

May 5 – last date for submission of complaints/objections

May 6 – Final list of selected candidates

May 15 – All selected candidates should take admissions

May 16- Second list of students for unfilled seats, if any

May 20 – All admissions must complete

admissionThe schools must reserve seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes and girl students as per the norms.

Similar schedule was brought out last year as well but not many followed it.

And donations are now taken in form of THIRD party donations and that too once the school starts and not during this period, a parent told this blog.

If you are parent of a child aged between 2 years 10 months and less than 4 years 10 months as on June 1, 2012 then you all need to go through this.

Now this is the most important criteria, even if the age of the child is less or more by a single day you do not qualify for the Junior KG(LKG) admissions in this case.

If you are looking for Nursery admissions you should look for 2 years 10months and less than 3 years 10 months.

For LKG the child must have completed 3years 10 moths as of June 2012. 

You can also read this to get what else you need to be ready with for the admissions. 

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  1. Very good decesion, but there should be check & balance for the implimentation of this, education has become a business, this should be stopped.

  2. There’s a magical word called as “Changed and manuplated”.. we live in a world where everything abides law and evreything has its own law, I don’t know what makes DC say this, instead he could have created a system when admission takes place, for example.. “A Rich guy say’s take my child in ur institution, I’ll pay donation and not anyone know”.. then? for he knows there isn’t a scope for a talent for money speaks nor he wants his child in some new school without reputation.. (I’ve seen this happening)
    So why not the govt comes with rules than just sayings, Nobody wants to complain forever and keep fighting and lose years and see their child uneducated till a justice is done, they will put them in some or the other school, all have their livelihood to be taken care of, If the DC is really cared of complaint’s, he should appoint few members in all private institutions to take care of admissions.. According to the law he has unlimited powers to do that, why doesn’t he do that?

  3. April 10 – display along with details of the number of seats available in each class

    See to that it doesn’t increase later, it always does..

  4. Why cant we follow the system of west that area wise child should be admitted in respective schools. The donation given to the private schools must be controlled .

  5. Dear Sir,

    The English medium school managements are collecting excess amount in the name of development/expansion.Parents are helplessness because they have not secured seats in schools of their interest . Who will stop this? DC?ZP CEO?JDPI?DDPI?BEO?Parents?………….Nobody




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