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Yes WE can – an inspiration for others

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No longer is the children with different abilities left on hillside to perish like the days of Sparta, nor do they spend their lives in beds, hospitals. A great deal has changed not only in rehabilitation science but also the social climate has improved. The so called “disabled people” are rather considered “differently abled persons” or also as “differently gifted”. In fact, it is the society, which handicap them by depriving them form the opportunities that they require to lead their lives actively. The society should see what these people are left with and not what they have lost.

The Swimmers club and Aquarius club of Belgaum in association with the Rotary Club of Belgaum jointly organize free training camp for such differently abled children like Blind, physically handicapped, mentally Changelled etc with the tittle” YES WE CAN”.
Here the children are taught to swim under the guidance of Umesh Kalghatgi, Kusane, Tendolkar and others. These noble people are doing this for many a years now and until today they have trained over 2000 children to swim and have got them into the main stream life.

Once you see these children you think these are really special children but they cannot walk or talk or see as normal ones. But seeing the enthusiasm at the pool side was amazing. Imagine watching a 12 year old completely blind girl by birth jumping from a 10 feet platform with confidence, is amazing.

There are many a success stories here, take Atish Jadhav, Moin Junedi who are no icons from Belgaum are a gift from the same camp.

The training camp which ended today went on for a period of 25 days and more 171 children from the age group of 4 years to 14 years were trained. This was the 12th year of this camp. 

The Belgaum Royals Roundtable 205 this year have whole heartedly helped this camp.

Samarth Kadakol a 1st year BBA student from College of business administration Lingraj college has made an inspiring video on the same camp. The Video aims to showcase the inner willingness of each child to face the world, its only that we need to support them once. 

The video shows how can each one say “Yes we Can”.

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