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12th March is observed as WORLD AGNIHOTRA DAY

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belgaum agnihotraLike every year, this year too World Agnihotra Day will be observed at Expert Engineering Enterprises on March 12. The day will start with morning Agnihotra and end with evening Agnihotra. All through the day “Om Tyrambakam Homa” will be performed at the factory.

All through the day Dr. Basarkar from Dharward will be available at Expert Engeneering to explain people the importance & answer their doubts if any.  An awareness session for college students/staff to commemorate the day has also been planned.

Since last two years about 70 people have started performing Agnihotra and are experiencing positive results. The same is also performed at Aadhar Orphanage since last one year.  In the farms Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai & Mr. Tejasvi Naik – are performing Agnihotra for years and have witnessed increased yield and zero use of pesticides.  They call it Homa Organic Farming.

An experience sharing session is organized at Expert from 5 PM.

In the evening the Agnihotra will be performed in group. So interested performers are requested to join with their own Agnihotra kit.  

Interested people are requested to join the event.

For more information about the Agnihotra / event contact : Mr.Vinayak Lokur (09448473760),  Mr. Amit Soundalgekar (09449014064), Mr. Tejasvi Naik (09448133548), Mr. Satish Nilakjar.

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