Amrut scaling great heights under Shailesh Joshi


At the age of twenty when someone in his teens will be spending most of his time officially in college and unofficially outside the college with one’s friends, Shailesh Sharad Joshi had different fate infront of him. Untimely demise of Dr.Sharad Joshi his father, made him come into business and look after it.

2nd of May happens to be Shailesh’s birthday and we take this occasion to wish him a very very happy birthday and success in life.

On the occasion of his birthday he has organized a blood donation camp at Mahveer blood bank. He has asked his friends and well wishers not to give him presents or bouquets or garlands but he wants Note books instead which he will distribute to the needy one’s the school starts. Shailesh is a simple person with a social responsibility of paying back to the society.

Amrut Pharma’s roots go back to a home industry venture by Vaidyaraj Ramchandra Joshi and Late Smt. Mai Ramchandra Joshi in the year 1938. They were well known practitioners in their time and were the inspiration for Dr.Sharad Joshi to carry on their good work. Dr. Sharad Joshi could foresee that Ayurveda would become a way of life again.

Dr.Sharad Joshi’s legacy and vision is now carried forward by the next generation. Mr.Shailesh Joshi, took over the reins of the business. Shailesh is well versed with the allopathic and ayurvedic disciplines. He has built a great team of experts in research, management and marketing, to champion the cause of Amrut. He has spearheaded the drive for innovation by adopting best practices, and has successfully introduced a suite of new products from the Amrut stable to match the lifestyle requirements of today’s world.

His mission is to build on the solid trust and brand equity that Amrut enjoys and take it to newer generations across the country and globally. He believes that customers have one positive experience with an Amrut product and then graduate to using other products from the stable. His vision is that in the next decade, Amrut must realize its potential of becoming the wellness brand of choice for every family, in every town, village and city in India.

He has diversified his business with keeping his core to Ayurvedic medicines. He is the Chairman of Amrut Social foundation, Amrut Advertising, Sara Herbals, Progen Research lab & Saffron ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Shailesh did his matriculation from St.Mary’s High School and his Pharmacy degree from KLE college of Pharmacy. He is very active socially and also an active member of the BJP. He through his foundation take up projects to help the needy students from the rural areas. He has been awarded with the Bhartiya Udyog Ratna award and various other awards for excellence in ayurvedic manufacturing. He also is the franchisee of a cricket team in the BCL namely Amrut Aqua Dolphins. He loves reading books and has a good collection of books.

A small interview with Shailesh Joshi:
1) You entered into business very early in life, how was it at the early stages?

Shailesh ——> Well joining business early was not chosen but the situation was such that there was no alternative. I had to struggle a lot, as things were not in place and was totally a fresher. Financial responsibilities particularly liabilities are very tough to handle but struggled and made it what it is today.

2) You have diversified into various fields kindly elaborate on each project? (Amrut Advertising, Sara Herbals, Progen Research lab & Saffron ventures Pvt. Ltd.)

Shailesh ——> Sara herbals is the new unit which we have started in Autonagar. We manufacture packaged drinking water AMRUT AQUA where in we have a fully automatic plant and the process is purely NO HUMAN INTEREFENCE thereby giving the purest form of water for drinking. We have started sales network in Goa , north Karnataka and west Maharashtra. Planning to expand further with new units in Goa and Satara.

Amrut advertising is our in house ad agency wherein we do ad releases and creatives.

Amrut social foundation is a trust where we provide educational facilities to the needy, and also medical facilities in the rural areas of Belgaum. The scope is very big and i can’t put it in this interview.

Progen is again an ayurvedic manufacturing company in Belgaum. Dr.Shrinivas Patil is the M.D and I am the executive director.

3) Your vision for Amrut in the future?
Shailesh ——>
at AMRUT we are striving to be a global company in the years to come and our first export shipment is expected in the next month to Nigeria. We also are expanding our export operations to middle east and Kazakistan, Russia and so on. We plan to be a fully integrated health care company in the future.

4) Your view on Ayurdevic medicines and its importance in present life?
Shailesh ——> Ayurved is a way of life. It is very important to maintain the dhatus in one’s body. Ayurved is so vast that it will take years to study. Safe, natural, effective is our focus of ayurved. Its importance has been accepted even by modern science since the efficacy of the products are time tested and proven.

5) What is the best thing about Belgaum you like?
Shailesh ——> Belgaum, well what can i say about this beautiful city and the people who belong to this wonderful land. Amazing is the only word to describe our beloved belgaum city.

6) What are your thoughts on this website?
Shailesh ——> your website is the best site on Belgaum and the most interactive site I have seen. The response is truly excellent and I have become a fan of your site. If I can be of any help to you, please let me know. I will have the pleasure of being associated with a genuine site and a gentleman like you.


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  1. shailesh ! wish you many happy returns of the day ………. And All the best for your bussiness …….we proud our belgaumites …………………. 🙂 Happy Birthday


    Mudassar Soudagar

  2. Shailesh,
    Keep going, I pack two bottles of Hadulsa and Amrut Malam evertime I fly to back to UK. So please think of marketing your products in UK as well, along with the other places you mentioned above
    Best Regards

  3. Congrats Shailesh, keep the good work on for a very long time as it’s fruitful to humanity.
    God Bless,
    Happy birthday.

  4. Congratulations, Shailesh for your committment and achievements. Here's wishing you all the Very Best in taking your business and Belgaum to greater heights in the Years Ahead.


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