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by Swatee Jog and Uday

She loved perfumes and was always fascinated by the aroma and wondered how it was made? Now she manufactures perfumes, colognes, designer candles and exports them, meet the Best Women Entrepreneurs Award winner Rasika Kadolkar how runs her self started business “Fragrance House”. Rasika recently has successfully cleared the interview round for the “10,000 Women Entrepreneurs Goldman Sachs – ISB-AIMS Program’’ and will now go for the 19 day training program at Bangalore.

rasikaRasika established FRAGRANCE HOUSE in 2005 and since then her company has been a trustworthy Manufacturer, Exporters and Supplier of Hand blended Perfumes and Designer Candles.

The natural products offered have attracted various national as well as international clientèle who have placed repeated orders. She has exported to countries like China, Canada, USA, European countries to mention a few and also not to forget the local Indian market where her products are labeled and resold.

Hand Blended Perfumes are a mixture of Fragrant Essential Oils and Flowers. The distinctive feature of these perfumes is that they are exclusively prepared from Natural Raw Materials and do not contain any chemicals. The perfumes are packaged in attractive packs and are available at very affordable prices. Designer Candles come in various shapes, designs and colors. Whether you’re looking for Pillar Candles or Votive Candles, our innovation collection of Designer Candles will definitely suffice your taste and liking.

Rasika’s activities in this field are strongly supported by her parents. Rasika was always busy with some or the other creative work. She has gained a lot of different arts without any course or formal training but only because of her interest, passion and hard work. She has also conducted courses like Malisian Art, Ceramic works, water fountain, Mehandi Classes, Emorydery, Charcoal Painting, Nail Work Design etc.
Rasika said that it was her dream to start an independent business. She said,”the guidance of my parents made me turned my art into business which secured both my art and wish of doing independent business”.

When asked how did she think of venturing into the perfumes business?
Rasika said “ I always had a passion for perfumes and wanted to learn how they make them. The industries in this sector are very discreet about their formulations, but fortunately a few of them allowed access to the manufacturing. That is how I got into this field.”

Telling more about her experiences at the Goldman Sachs interview, she told this blog, “I could meet many women entrepreneurs at Bangalore and I was astonished to meet a few with thousand crore plus turnover. They shared their experiences and I was humbled to see how they had grown their businesses. Now I feel even I can expand my business.”item code fh 06 763801

Amruta her college buddy from BBA told this blog, “Have known Rasika as a quite and shy girl but with clear thoughts ! She knew where n what she wanted to be n she always spoke about having her own business, and today she is an entrepreneur ! Doing the best she can do. Creating beautiful things !!! Very proud of her 🙂 after seeing her any one would agree good things come in small package !!! Keep it up girl.”

When we asked Rasika, does having formal education in management help an entrepreneur? And she promptly answered this, “ I wouldn’t say it is essential, but in my case, having a Bachelors degree in Business administration definitely helped me in business. It enabled me to know the aspects of business that I would have otherwise been oblivious to. I would suggest students to gain some knowledge before you venture into business. Also, doing your research helps immensely.”

Speaking further she said currently, “ I am into perfumes in a big way and also export some of them. Exporting to the European market was not easy since they are very discerning customers. But they always encourage quality which I provided. Now I am into customized candle making and also delve into niche chocolates.”item code fh 02 763796

When asked about challenges Rasika very boldly said, “Getting the permissions in place was a challenge. I tried relentlessly for 2 years before I got the license for Ethanol which is the base for perfumery. Also, we had to get training in Fire Safety measures since these are very inflammable products. I was allowed to send any employee, but I decided to get the training myself. I would recommend the training to all, it was very valuable. Also, in a price sensitive market, pricing my quality products was a challenge. So initially I made my perfumes available in small sizes. People loved the products and came back for more.”

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    Congratulations first of all.Do you conduct any courses on perfume making? I’m pretty keen on learning, but don’t have a background in chemistry.


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