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Work hard to achieve Goals in life-Atul Chaturvedi Belgaum Young Guns


“Work hard to achieve Goals in life” says Atul.

There are many persons in society, who have achieved their goals they wanted. Today I am going to introduce you such one person, who is from our own city Belgaum now working in Bangalore since last four years.youngguns

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He is Atul Chaturvedi. He hails from Agra in Uttar Pradesh but settled in Karnataka. It was a very tough journey for him, to start a carrier from a small town like Belgaum, which is disputed between two States Karnataka and Maharashtra.atulc

Let me introduce to him first. His father, KrishnaKumar Chaturvedi was in Air force and his mother Pooja Chaturvedi is a senior staff nurse at district hospital, Belgaum. This is how he got a chance to live here and completed primary & secondary education from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sambra and did college education from RPD College.

He started his carrier from one of the old newspaper called ‘Vartha‘ in 1997. It was just a beginner; Former mayor of Belgaum Sambhajirao Patil was running the paper. Former Corporator and photo journalist Satish Chavan and his friend journalist Raju Kangralkar (Who also ran In Marathi news channel, earlier known as Belgaum Darshan) was the person behind him, who gave a break in a Marathi newspaper. He got his first salary Rs 800. He was not disappointed and since then he has not seen back.

In the meantime he was pursuing his college education in day time and working in evening time for newspaper. Vartha was shutdown and he switched over to another Marathi daily called “Ranzunzar“. In the year 1999, Mr. Nagesh Chhabria, who owns Riddhi Vision launched first ever news channel on cable and Atul joined IN BELGAUM, Hindi news channel.

“It was a real good experience, worked for print (from local level, now in state capital) in his earlier days and for electronic media in Belgaum,” says Atul. He worked for nearly three years with In Belgaum and he then decided to switch over to “SAKAL” newspapers Belgaum office in 2002. He was transferred to Sangali, worked for a year’s time there and came back again to Belgaum and joined IN BELGAUM.

All credit goes to him as he started fresh bulletin in afternoon of Hindi News Channel @ 2.30pm every day (Now it is telecasted recorded version). Meantime he thought that there is no future in Belgaum and especially in regional media, he  took a decision to switch over to Bangalore &  joined “Rajasthan Patrika“, worked for two years and got a better chance to work with one of the-the best dailies in India, Times Of India Group’sBangalore Mirror“.

 It was really tuff journey for Atul in last 10 years time. But he says, “If someone wants to achieve anything in life, has to keep patience and success will follow you at his door steps.”

He is very much fluent in Hindi, Marathi, and English & Kannada. In fact Kannada, he learnt when he came in field of journalism with the help of a book called how to learn Kannada.

Now with Times of India Group’sBANGALORE MIRROR”, he is deputed for election coverage covering mainly Congress Beat in Karnataka state. Apart from this he covers Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP), Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) and South-Western Railways. He was deputed for state election’s 2008 coverage in Ex. CM H.D.Kumarswamy’s constituency.

 It was really a nice time to speak to him. Some experts are as follows:

 1.       What incited you to take up journalism?

          Accidentally I entered in this field. Firstly I was not much serious about it; in fact I did not know how to draft a story. It was Mr Shivraj Patil, who taught me about writing skills. Then after I enjoyed and thought to grow in this field.
2.     Your dad served in the Air force, so didn’t he want you to join the armed forces?

I lost my father, when I was just 10 years old and studying in 6th std.  My mom wanted me to join Air Force, but I was not having any interest in joining armed force.

 3.      What was the reaction of your parents when you got yourself the Rs 800 job in Vartha.

There was no such serious reaction. My financial condition was not bad, I was good from my mom side and she told me that, it will be pocket money. In fact I still remember after got my first salary of Rs 800, one of my senior colleague asked an Rs 100 from me and sincerely I gave him. He never returned it to me.

 4.      How is it different working in Belgaum and in Bangalore?

It’s entirely different working in Bangalore than Belgaum. In Bangalore it’s a bit broad minded people and every day is new learning session for me. Due to the border dispute in Belgaum, two communities are having extreme different ideology.

 5.      You have covered print media and also TV media, which is that you like the most & why?

As I started my carrier from print media and switched over to electronic media. I enjoyed a much in electronic than print. But I was working in a local level, which doesn’t have a much expose, so again I switched back to print media. I got a good support from all my bosses, especially when I switched to SAKAL, worked under the leadership of Mallhar Arhankalle, Mr. Naik (Now with Gomantak in Goa) Mr Uday Jaddhav, CEO of Sakal Group (Now heading Saam Marathi) and many others.  But still I have a dream of working again in electronic media for any reputed national channel.

 6.      Today journalism is also a business, sensationalizing news etc do you agree with this?

I agree with that. Because every person is a businessmen in society and newspapers needs revenue to run their business through advertisement as electronic media needs. Everyone wants to be on top position and that make them for searching something like “Zara Hatke” stories from others and that makes them to do such a kind of work. In fact, a reporter needs to have all proof with him, before he sensationalizes any story or else he has to face music in court.

 7.      Will you work in Belgaum if you get an opportunity in the future?

In fact my answer will be No. I left Belgaum, because I didn’t find my future there and that made me to leave it. I don’t want to work in a city, where I don’t find my future. In fact now I think I was very late to come to Bangalore. If I would have left Belgaum, when I started my carrier then I would have reached my goal much earlier. I Love Belgaum, mostly I visit every month for my holidays and I will do that for my rest of life. But for working, I don’t think I am ready going back, from where I started.

 8.      Being in Bangalore what is that you miss the most of Belgaum?

As Belgaum being part of Karnataka I don’t miss much. Because many of friends, who had studied with me are in Bangalore and my journalist friends do call me often seeking some advice on stories. Some of politicians are also in touch with me; they often meet me when they are in Bangalore. So I don’t miss much from Belgaum.

 9.      Any tips for the upcoming journalists or people who want to come in this field?

Well I have not grown much that I should advice someone. But if someone wants to make carrier for a short term then Belgaum is good. If anyone wants to achieve a goal in Marathi journalism, he should work in Maharashtra and if in Kannada journalism then he can work in any parts of Karnataka including Belgaum. But for carrier in English journalism, the entire world is open for them.

 10.   Lastly, what do you think about this site?

I was accepting this question. I use to search some information about various cities on search engine. But when I tried searching about Belgaum, I didn’t find much information. Suddenly I went through your blog; it was quite interesting as all kind of information is available in it. Every citizen can’t purchase all the newspaper of Belgaum and read them daily and if a site like AllAboutBelgaum updates all the information’s related to Belgaum is a big achievement for any citizen of the city. But one thing which I wants is that, the phone numbers not only office but cell numbers of Deputy Commissioner’s, SP, Mayor, all Police inspectors of district, Ministers from Belgaum, MLA’s, Corporators, Corporation officers number should be updated. Because every citizen doesn’t have them the numbers and they have to run in search of that for days.

 His Blog: http://atulchaturvedi29.blogspot.com/



  1. अतुल तुझ्या एकंदर पत्रकारितेतील प्रवास वर्णनाने मी भारावून गेलो आहे. सविस्तरपणे व तुझ्या यशात असलेल्या प्रत्येकाचा आदरपूर्वक नामोलेख्ख यामुळे तुझी स्टोरी
    वाचनीय झाली आहे.भावी काळात असाच मोठा हो या शुभेच्छा. शिवराज पाटील

  2. Way back i saw u clickin photos in 1997 in civil hospital, u clicked my father’s photo , i was a kid then 8yrs , was surprised to see a big camera in ur hand !! u worked well then , so ur todae as best !!! all the best for greater heights !!

  3. dint you go any one else to do interview….
    who is atul chaturvedi? he may be a big reporter to you in belgum. but in bangalore he is just one among 100. he is not even know to 10 people.
    god knows who gave this idia to interview him….

    • Zuber your message has been sent to Atul, you his see his blog address is there on this very page and u can get to see his contact nos also.

  4. Hi Atul!
    Its really a nice thing to share ur hardwork with youngsters. I’m sure that freshers will definitely take tips from this article and this will motivate them in their career.


  5. hi..

    It look very good, that one of my close friend brief story is been published on site. He is very hard worker and he has seen very up’s and down. May god bless me for his further success.


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