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Youth sharing joy with the underprivileged

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The youth of today are the true citizens of tomorrow who will build this country and take it forward. But unfortunately the youth dont get involved in social work and spend their time merrily. But at the same time a few youth of the generation next do take out time and money to give back to the society in a small way.

Look at this group of friends from the KLE institute of physiotherapy Belgaum, who always spent time together in college arranging events, this time led by their general secretary Dharmanshu, thought of giving back something to the society. The group initially decided to collect 5000 and donate to Chikumbi math, but to their surprise they were bale to collect over Rs.35000 in a weeks time and then the search for other orphanages began when they came to know about Mahesh foundation’s Aadhar orphanage, Kanbargi which houses 43 orphans which includes HIV positives as well.

Group of students from the KLE institute of physiotherapy Belgaum

On Sunday, which was the day of Sankranti festival this group of 32 students of the college arrived at Aadhar orphanage and decided to spend the day with the kids. They prepared food there, also had a drawing sessions for the kids and also celebrated Rsihab’s birthday there.

Dharmanshu told this blog, “ my experience at aadhar was definitely not lesser than doing a pilgrimage..!! the place in itself was so divine. One should take example of Mahesh Jadhav who at the age of 25 runs such a divine place. We had a great time with the kids and the kids have asked us to come again and gain. I am very happy we could give back something to the society.” Dharmanshu further said “ the youth should come out and indulge in such activities from school level it self, so that we develop a feeling of sharing happiness with not the so lucky ones.”

A Small in house drawing competition for the inmates of aadhar

Mahesh Jadhav of Aadhar said, “ Many young students from various colleges like Jain College, Rani Chennamma college of Pharmacy, Bhartesh Global business school, KLE engineering, GIT, Jyoti college have visited the orphanage and have spent time with the kids. It makes us feel proud to see these youngsters come and spare their time and money for a good cause.”

Anvitha Shivakumar a member of the group said, “ I wouldn’t have thought of a better way to spend a Sunday!! Its such a peaceful thing when u spend time with children who need all the care and love u give them! After I came back I told all my friends that we should do this atleast once a month!!
and I really do feel that such activities should be made a part of our curriculum. It makes u a better person!!”

Sneha Kamble another member of the group said “We collected money and all gave in their bit voluntarily and hence we could collect a lot of money.

Such activities should be made a part of curriculum as it will take some time from our daily curriculum but these kids will be happy n we will be able to help them as well.
Rishabh Sharan told this blog “it was really a magical experience and was as colorful as
rainbow in the sky.To be with the little ones discovering their talent was just like witnessing
the seedling grown into a plant.”
Manasi said “we often wonder why did this happen to me?? or what if it hadnt happened to me. I learnt lookin at those kids was whtever may be the problem we are suffering from we should not let it get in our way”.
Sudini said “we indeed had a great time with those small angles. What more do you need
when you have made 43 angles smile with heavy heart we had to bid them good bye. We actually had tears in our eyes and thanking god for what he has given us.
I truely feel that such activities should be
made a part of our curriculum.if few
ours of our life could bring smiles on theirs face then why not go for it”.

Corporate social responsibility should be our karma, and everyone from society should come forward for it.


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  1. Wow great to see such initiatives and events in Belgaum….I be part of such events in Bangalore, hopefully this time around I would join events in Belgaum…..AAB, please post if there any planned activities that you guys are aware of…Kudos to the organizers for wonderful thought and amazing implementation….


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