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If I were a MP of Belgaum

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iwasmpIf I were a MP (Member of Parliament), is a very hypothetical question, but why can’t everyone believe this for a moment as in the shoes of a MP (Member of Parliament) of Belgaum.

What can I do for Belgaum? [I request all to be the “I” here and comment on this post]

Even before the Election dates to the Loksabha are not yet disclosed each and every party is trying to get to the voter by hook or crook.

Campaigning by the candidate is more of a prewritten script who comes down from the jeep and falls at the feet of a few elderly persons to take their blessings and the elderly also heartily bless them as they know they will have to repeat it only after 5 years when someone like him or he himself will come back. No discussions or debates or in fact no manifesto or plans with regards to the constituency.

AAB as platform is ready to showcase each of the candidates manifestos and what they intend to do for Belgaum, once elected which is of more importance to us, may it be from any political party.

AAB calls upon all the readers to come forward and make some points what these to be MP should have or should carry out when they become MP.

Some might just say what the use is discussing it all here when nothing is going to happen. So what let’s make a start, all parties boast of making the use of the internet as a best tool for reaching the voters, Then someone might just read it and respond. 

If we fall behind now, we will never come forward.
ASK the Candidates Tough questions it is our RIGHT, If we DONT vote for them They are NoBody. Make your Vote count. 

9 thoughts on “If I were a MP of Belgaum”

  1. I would have been worked extensively to set-up Information Technology (IT) infrastructure in Belgaum, becouse I have gone through the pain of coming to Bangalore after gradulation and experiencing the pain to search job.

    IT will create lot of other level-2 and 3 jobs in Belgaum & this certainely help to all community (Educated & uneducated people) to fulfill thier bred-butter.

    Unfortunately non of our belgaum leaders trying to get IT to Belgaum, they are just increasing their bank balance.

  2. If i were a MP i would first give importance to infrastructure of the city so that it does not messes out like Bangalore, where there is wonderful scope but no proper planning

  3. If I were a MP , firstly would have made sure have a youth forum from every nook and corner of the city to present their grievances and expectation from government , and then would have used to realize their ideas using MPLAD fund. so in short emphasize on civic amenities infrastructure and public transport, including Railway station and bus stand
    Second Connect Belgaum on to state and National capital through direct rail network starting with, laying on priority Belgaum Dharwad double line to reduce distance to Bangalore , connect Savantwadi to Belguam Bagalkot Raichur cost, for east and west coast connectivity.
    Relocating all government offices back to Belguam moved away to Hubli Dharwad.

  4. I am not surprised why people are not commenting since the topic is based on development , Had it been “if I am Kanndaiga”, or “mee Marathi”, and then the site would have flooded with comments , Well done Belguamites for ignoring right cause being raised by AAB

  5. 1.good roads all through the year… Painful to ask for the same basic amenities even in the 21st century
    2.regular water supply.. Regular de-silting of rakaskop to enhance water storage n guarantee regular supply
    3.the middle men(agents-real estate, bus booking, licence.. I was denied licence even after it was ready because i went weight my agent!!!) spread all around have to be checked!! Its becoming another menace.. meter-enough of bullying now!! Vote bank politics making the politicians kneel down..
    5.increase the frequency of existing buses n newer bus routes…
    6.reducing corporation tax on fuel
    7.encroachment on government land
    I don’t exactly know all the powers of an MP but I’d fight for the common man because I’m one of them…

  6. Industrial development is the call of every youth from Belgaum who have completed their graduation and looking out for job. its very painful to leave our old and aged parents back in home and come in search of job to some metropolitan cities.

  7. The sensitive border dispute has created a concrete barrier in the development of Belgaum City. Chandigarh “The Union Territory” in today’s scenario is counted in most developed cities in the Country. If Belgaum be declared “Union Territory” there will be no linguistic problems and will be governed by the Govt at the Centre. Equal importance will be given to people of all languages and there shall be no political hindrance in the development of the City.

    The following works are required in Belgaum :-

    1. New Central Bus Stand.
    2. Broad Roads, High Mast Lights, Lawns, Fountains, Gardens, Statues of patriotic persons near Central
    3. Bus Stand and Railway Station.
    4. Development in Railway Station.
    5. Link road for heavy trucks/lorries etc.
    6. New City Central Bus Stand.
    7. Clean and hygienic Pay toilets at all appropriate locations.
    8. Permission to be granted for construction of apartments of multiple stories.
    9. Fly overs in the city wherever appropriate.
    10. Underground road passage wherever appropriate.
    11. Scaling of auto rickshaw fares.
    12. Permissions be accorded on priority for development of educational institutes.
    13. International Air Port.
    14. International Cricket Stadium.
    15. Rationalize water distribution in the city.
    16. Car Parking multi storied infrastructures.
    17. Widening of road from Amba Bhuvan to Central Bus Stand.
    18. More railway route so that 2-3 trains travel across Belgaum at a time from different places.
    19. Belgaum being the cradle of Military Station, it is observed that large number of Army Personnel are travelling from Belgaum to Jammu Tawi. Daily one train should run from Belgaum to Jammu Tawi directly.
    20. Historical monuments (Fort, temples) be taken care of, especially the Fort ditch to be cleaned and arrangement of clean water in the ditch be done.


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