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Election expenses of contestants from Belagavi

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The Election laws mandate that each contesting candidate submit their expenditure details to the returning officer (RO) at three different intervals during the period when the code of conduct is in force. 

The purpose behind the publishing this information is to enable voters to know how much their candidates are spending on their election campaign and on what precise aspects. 

Contestants have been told to provide exact details of expenditures incurred as poll surveillance staff would maintain a list of the expenditure in a shadow register, which would be sent to the Election Commission after comparing it with the details provided.

Election expenses are limited to Rs 70 lakh per candidate as per election commission guidelines. The EC has appointed a team of expense observers to monitor each candidates’ poll expenditures. 

50 of the 57 contesting candidates expenditure is updated on the website:

Expenses are shown up to 11-04-2019 to 12-04-2019 which includes the security deposit.

V S Sadhunnavar – INC- 18,15,585

Suresh Angadi – BJP – 16,63,671

Badruddin Kamdoddi  – BSP – 61167.50

Anand R Patil – IND- 26000

Dilshad S Tahasildar – IND- 27000

Vinayak B More – IND – 26110

for a complete list please visit –


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    • The same section 34 of R. P. Act, 1951 provides that a candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe is required to make a security deposit of Rs. 12,500 (Rupees Twelve Thousand five hundred Only).


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