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Search for your name in Voters List, If missing, you can still register

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The election dates have been announced and this time as well Belagavi Votes 100% campaign has been launched and hopefully this time we would all get to closer number to 100.

While the political parties are working it hard to reach to the voters so that they can get re-elected, we as voters also have our responsibility, and the first one is SEARCHING OF YOUR NAME IN THE Electoral Roll or Voters list.

Where to Search name in the voter’s List:

Search your name in the Electoral Roll

If your name exists, then it’s time to celebrate as you are part of the biggest democratic action.

What If your name does not show up in the Voters list:

Visit ( and click on the link for ‘Form6’. This application is also meant to be filled by those wanting to shift the constituency.

You can also fill the form offline and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the area of your new residence.

If one needs to make corrections to the details related to them on the electoral rolls, they can click on the link for form 8 on the homepage. 

The last date of registrations for new voters is 3 rd of April 2019 for Belagavi

The Election Commission operates a helpline at 1950 to help answer queries from voters.

Chunavana App is available for the public download now in the Google Play Store or iOS  App store  

The Chunavana Android App will ease the difficulty of finding the citizens’ polling station and Parliamentary constituency by just a click of the button. The citizen can navigate to the polling station with ease and avoid traffic on the day of poll and reach the polling station. 

If you act lazy now, you won’t be able to vote on April 23 and then you will have no right to Complain that your name is missing from the Voter’s List.
So Get up and Search for your name – Search your name in the Electoral Roll, if it is missing, then go and fill the form here

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