Voter turnout is more in Assembly elections than Loksabha

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Belagavi Voted 67.31% in the recent Loksabha elections which were less than the 2014 figure of 68.25.

However, as we keep digging the statistics there is a clear trend which shows that voter turnout is more in Assembly elections than in Loksabha.


 Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Assembly Elections 2018 Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Assembly Elections 2013
CHIKKODI 75.5279.8474.2978.06

Last year, 2018 for the Assembly elections 73.02% voted but when it came to Loksabha the figure went down to 67.31%.

The same trend was visible in 2014.

So is it that the voters are more interested in Local issues rather than the National one?

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