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Kanbargi lake development to commence again

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The Kanbargi Lake which is spread over 7.5 acres was to get a makeover under the Smart city project. The complete makeover of this lake will make it another tourist attraction apart from the fort lake.

Work had commenced but later was stopped after the opposition of the local farmers and cattle breeders.

kanbargi-lakeThe Farmers and Cattle breeders had sighted that this lake was the only source of water for their cattle and if after the development access to this water is closed how will the cattle survive.

A slight change in the plan was also done with a separate pond for the cattle, but due to increased pressure, the work was stopped indefinitely.

Today, MLA Anil Benake visited the lake and sorted out the issue and asked the Belagavi Smart city limited to start work again and finish it at the earliest.

Allocated fund for this project is 4.47 crores.

The development will include all-around pathway, food kiosks, watchtower, toilet block, guard room, entire fence to the area with the internal lakeside railing fence.

The project will include ghat on two sides of the lake, the jetty is planned on one side of the lake, boating system will be developed, garden with a variety of plants will be developed, decorative electrical poles and sculpture design artifacts will be erected. This will serve as a tourist attraction in the city. 


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