Dear men, watch PAD MAN for every woman in your life – Review

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by Mandar Kolhapure
India will be powerful only when it’s every mother, every sister and every wife is powerful. A standing ovation by the public for this dialogue, itself is a paisa vasool moment.

What’s Good: The intention and the subject chosen is applause worthy. Use of humour to show what cannot be spoken is well managed by the director. Screenplay is good without giving a loose moment. Music and background score is a hidden gem.

Dear men, watch PAD MAN for every woman in your life - ReviewWhat’s Bad: Recently we saw the same Akshay Kumar fighting with the society for a social cause in Toilet. Hence we always get a seen-this-before feeling while watching. Time lapse from 2001 to 2016 is poorly shown which brings a bit confusion as to how old flap mobiles and the vespa bike existed during the same era. The movie is not powerful enough to stay in our mind for long or not powerful enough to bring an immediate change or revolution.

Performance: Needless to say, a powerful and charismatic performance by Akshay Kumar. Radhika Apte looked sad throughout the movie and an over drama spotted in her performance.
Sonam Kapoor brings all the sweetness and charm in the second half and her chemistry works well with Akki.

Verdict: Could have been better. However a one time watch for sure. Dear men, watch this for every woman in your life. 3 stars !!

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  1. What if women hesitate coz it’s their personal life…. Bollywood is all about seeking publicity and so nonsense stuff from giving Pak artists opportunities and in the name of female personal life you want to earn money but sorry…. Talk about sanskar which women has in India….. It’s India not America to make such films…. I respect women and thier personal stuffs… Don’t insult their emotions doing such stuffs…..
    -1/5 stars


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